SplashClan in a warrior clan that was formed by a loner named Splash along with other loners and ex-kittypets. They live on a small island, and feed mostly on fish and eccasionally mice.

Current LeaderEdit

Splashstar-Pretty blue-gray she-cat with black stripes and gray eyes.

Current DeputyEdit

Sparrowtail-brown tabby tom with green eyes.

Current Medicine CatEdit

Rushwhisker-longhaired dark gray tom with green eyes.


Ottertail-brown tabby tom with white paws and green eyes. Apprentice-Breezepaw

Whiteflower-white she-cat with blue eyes. Apprentice-Minnowpaw

Fallenpine-ginger tabby tom with brown eyes. Apprentice-Mistypaw

Shelltooth-silver tom with a white stripe down his back and blue eyes.

Beechshade-grayish-brown tom with green eyes.

Frosttail-white she-cat with yellow eyes. Apprentice-Sunpaw

Flameflower-ginger she-cat with yellow eyes.

Fuzzytail-longhaired white tom with green eyes.

Crabclaw-dark ginger she-cat with brown eyes.

Sorralberry-small black she-cat with amber eyes.


Minnowpaw-silver she-cat with white paws and blue eyes.

Sunpaw-golden tom with yellow eyes.

Breezepaw-white she-cat with amber eyes.

Mistypaw-gray she-cat with green eyes.


Skystorm-blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes. Kits-Whiskerkit, Treekit. Mate-Sparrowfeather


Whiskerkit-white tom with a thickfured tail.

Treekit-torticeshell she-cat with a solid ginger head.

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