Splashfur is a light gray tom with blue eyes.

Splashfur GrassClan
Clan(s) GrassClan, Loner, GorgeClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Litter-Mate(s) None
Mate(s) Sarah
Children Dropfall
Mentor(s) Thrushwing
Apprentice(s) Leamerstrike, Grassblade

Kit LifeEdit

Splashkit was born in GrassClan to unknown parents, most likely Applefur and Treeleaf. Little is known about him as a kit, except that he always was interested in what lay beyond the fence to Twolegplace. This worried some warriors, while others thought that he would get over it when he was an apprentice. Other notes of him as a kit were that he was quite the active one. He could run around camp 5 times and not be tired.

Apprentice LifeEdit

After six moons, Splashkit became Splashpaw. More is known about him during this time period. He was trained by Thrushwing, who made him into the best fighter ever for GrassClan. Stonepelt, the deputy, praised him more than once for his amazing skills. No cat remembered when he was a kit, and had a possibly dangerous curiosity.

Warrior LifeEdit

Splashfur had amazing times with his friends and his duties until his mid-warriorship. In that time, Splashfur mated with a kittypet named Sarah and had a kit, Dropfall. He managed to hide this secret through Dropfall's kithood and apprenticeship, but as a warrior, he was thought to be her mate. Not liking this, he told the Clan his secret and was exiled.

Loner LifeEdit

Splashfur then left GrassClan to become a loner. He was occasionally spotted far away on the hills by LeafClan patrols, but was never talked to much again.

GorgeClan LifeEdit

After being a loner for several moons, Splashfur finally met GorgeClan, a Clan of rogue cats that welcomed him very much. He joined this new Clan and became a senior warrior and decided that this was the place he would stay, because he was truly welcomed at last.