Spotted Roses is a Fanfiction written by 4pinkbear.

Main Characters (Points of View) : Spottedface, Waterflower, Clawfeather (first Clawpaw), Dewleaf, Smallmouse, Starshine (First Starpaw), Meadowpaw (first Meadowkit), and Rosethorn

Clan: RainbowClan



Leader: Rainbowstar - pretty rainbow she-cat with delicate white paws

Deputy: Webstrike - dark blue tabby tom

Medicine Cat: Waterflower - light blue she-cat

MCA: Littlepaw - pale brown tabby tom with a white underbelly


Spottedface - golden she-cat with a brown speckled face and one brown leg.

Rosethorn - pale rose-cream she-cat with creamier speckles

Dewleaf - very pale gray she-cat with white flecks

Smallmouse - small brown she-cat with pale gray paws

Spiralheart - black tom with swirly gray stripes

Dragonclaw - dark purple tom

Earlysun - pale cream tom with white spots

Spiritshine - white she-cat

Deathshine - black she-cat

Questheart - brave young brown tabby tom

Burnfur - black and red tom

Fishface - golden tom with a scaly tabby pattern

Little-ear - black tom with small ears

Warstrike - brave young brown tabby tom

Ashfall - gray she-cat

Fernflower - pale gray she-cat

Clawedpath - dark brown tabby she-cat

Sharpenedtooth - little red she-cat with one cream paw

Oceandrop - dark blue-gray tabby tom with gold flecks

Flameshadow - bright ginger tom


Starpaw - white she-cat with silver and golden flecks

Clawpaw - pale brown tabby tom

Littlepaw - pale gray tom

Sunpaw - ginger she-cat


Ravenfall - smokey dark gray, almost black, she-cat with one white paw. Mother of Warstrike's kits: Meadowkit (pale green she-cat with a white underbelly) and Emeraldkit (dark green she-cat with black patches)

Berrypetal - pale pink and pale purple she-cat. Expecting Flameshadow's kits.


Spottedbriar - brown, gold, and grey she-cat

Flameclaw - dark ginger and red tom

Chapter 1Edit

It was dark. The trees were silent stones. Spottedface was ready. She slowly crouched, and carefully took a step forward. Her mother, Spottedbriar, was waiting for her. She couldn't wait any longer. She leaped into the den with pride. "Mother!" She called. No reply. "Spottedbr-""WHAT!? Oh, its you, Spottedpaw!" "Mother, my name is now Spottedface! Its in my father's honor..."

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