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Spottypelt is a spotted kittyoet who used to look outside his window seeing Wind Clan Warriors run past catching rabbits. This made him want to becoem a clan cat. He went into the Wind Clan camp, but all they did was scare him away. He then decided to go to Thunderclan were Firestar was a kittypet. When he arrived. Bramblestar said that he died. Ranger still asked to join them and Bramblestar allowed it. Ranger became a paw and a new name as Spottypaw. He became friends with the power of three and was friends with Jayfeather. He then had dreams of being a medicin cat and Jayfeather went into his dreams seeing him and Spottypaw together. Jayfeather reported to Bramblestar that he would like Spottypaw to become his apprentice. Bramblestar agreed and Spottypaw became a medicine cat apprentice, but Ranger had dreams of Skyclan coming to the lake. Skyclan then came a few days later, but they couldn't do anything about it. Spottypaw saw a very nice looking paw named Neonpaw. Spottypaw wanted to then help Neonpaw and her clan. He then goes off during the night and takes Skyclan to the tribe's mountains. The tribe cats were angry, but then saw that they could still defeat the loners still living in the mountains. There was very little tribe cats and a third f their territory was now the loners.