Clan(s) Staying in ThunderClan
Gender Female
Rank Prophet, warrior
Basic Info
Parents Unbeknownst to her, a line of clan cats that goes back to the ancient clans
Abilities Star-Touched
Owner Mythies123

Star is Mythies123's character. No stealing!

Names: Edit

Kittypet: Fluffy

Loner: Fluffy

Star-Touched Loner: Star

ThunderClan: Starshine

Appearance Edit

Star is a pure white, long-haired singapura and turkish angora mix. As a kittypet, she wore a pink collar. Her ears are rather large with a caracal-like tuft at the tips. Her eyes are large with a slight sparkle in them, maybe a result of the star-touch? Her hind left leg was ripped of by a dog, leaving an unpleasantly scarred stump. Frosty stardust clings to her fur, which is not visible unless she is in either bright light or total darkness. Star received a shard of the Moonstone, christened by the waters of Moonpool, when she was touched by StarClan.

Personality Edit

There are times when Star feels that her star-touch is a curse instead of a blessing. StarClan constantly whispers into her mind, sometimes driving her into a rage just from the stress of having hundreds of voices in her head. With a few well chosen comforting words and and some soothing herbs, she will stay calm. She has recently acquired a dark sense of humor, her lake of sweetness hit by a drought of the things she has felt and seen in her life.

Star-Touch Edit

Star dosen't know it, but her parents and their parents and their parents and their parents and their parents, many generations up, are clan cats that are descended directly from the ancient clans. This is why StarClan choose her. She used to be a kittypet, but little things, like a strange leaf as white as silk, flying on the wind towards clan territory, or strange dreams of shining cats, led her to leave and try to find what they were pointing her to. After many wanderings and adventures, she came across the Moonpool. Fluffy was pushed from behind by some mysterious entity, and fell into the Moonpool. She sank down, down, down. Fluffy couldn't swim, but she didn't seem to need to. She could breathe. The strangeness and shock of sinking into a bottomless pool and breathing got to her, and she passed out.

Fluffy dreamed. She was at the bottom of the Moonpool, but it wasn't quite underwater. It had merged with somewhere else, like dreams do, and that place was beautiful and green and warm, and it had stars. Shining cats, the ones she had seen in her dreams, stood all around. A beautiful tortiseshell she-cat called Spottedleaf came to Fluffy (this was before Spottedleaf died in the Great Battle) and gave her a prophecy: When the moon and the sun come together once more, the stars in the sky will bring stars in the forest, and something deeper will be unearthed.

Fluffy woke up on the edge of the Moonpool. She hears cats coming, and flees. About ten moons pass, with her returning to Twolegplace and living as a loner. She tried to ignore the prophecy, thinking that she imagined it, that it mean nothing. But the dreams of starry cats kept coming back, each one longer and more vivid than before. Finally, Spottedleaf came to her in the daytime and showed her visions of what would happen if she did not fufill her destiny. Soon after, Spottedleaf was killed in the Great Battle. Determined afresh, Fluffy starts to called herself Star and starts to journey to the lake territories. Unfortunately, her travels had lead Star very, very far away. She has to travel for many moons. Along the way, she joins Moon and Sun, is nearly killed by a dog pack, spends a half-moon on top of a tall twoleg nest in a flood, discovers her power to hear StarClan, and has many more adventures. A full document of her travels can be found in her upcoming fanfiction.

When the three companions finally reach the lake, Star is bombarded with the voices of StarClan in her mind. She is so frightened she turns and runs from her two friends. They find her a few hours later, cowering in the horseplace barn with Smoky and Coriander trying to help her. Moon explains as much as he knows to the two cats while Sun helps Star to her feet.

Star tries to explain, but finds she can't. Sun reasures her, saying that everything has been crazy since they gave up their lives as Ace, Jody, and Fluffy and became Sun, Moon, and Star.