This is a fanfic about my (mythies123) OC Star.

Prolouge Edit

Spottedleaf ran through StarClan's hunting grounds. The warm grass pounded beneath her paws. She spotted a blue she-cat, and called out, "Bluestar! Bluestar!"

"What is it, Spottedleaf?"

"I have received... A prophecy." Spottedleaf panted. "When the moon and the sun come together once more, the stars in the sky will thunder a star to the earth, and something deeper will be unearthed."

A few other StarClan cats had gathered around, looking puzzled. "I will take this prophecy to Firestar," proclaimed Bluestar.

"Perhaps we should wait until after the battle, Bluestar. All of the Clans will be working so hard, even without a prophecy to deal with." suggjested Spottedleaf.