Founders Stealthstar, Slyheart, and Blackfire
Current Stats
Current Leader Stealthstar
Current Deputy Slyheart
Current Medicine Cat Blackfire
Apprentice(s) 4

StealthClan is located on a cold, icy mountain top. The cats that live in StealthClan have somewhat thick fur, but behind that fur, is thin, lithe well-muscled bodies. StealthClan cats often have lightly colored eyes; blue, green, yellow, and sometimes grey. Darker colors of fur are usually seen. StealthClan are sneaky cats who are expert liars and jokers, and are trained to predict lies. (Not magically...)

StealthClan MembersEdit

Leader: Stealthstar (she-cat)


Deputy:Slyheart *until someone can replace him* (tom)

Medicine Cat: Blackfire *until someone can replace her* (she-cat)

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Murkmask (tom)

Bluefang (tom)

Huntereye (she-cat)

Stormscar (she-cat)

Whitechaos (tom)

Vileclaw (tom)

Speedheart (she-cat)

Silverdream (she-cat)

Free space

Apprentices (More then six moons old, training to become warriors)

Seethepaw (tom)

Fringepaw (she-cat)

Icepaw (tom)

Sonarpaw (tom)

Lithepaw (tom)

Free space

Free space

Queens (Expecting or nursing kits)

Silentfoot (Mother of Snowkit, Streakkit and Owlkit, Bluefang is her mate)

Darkbloom (Mother of Jackalkit, Predatorkit, Onyxkit and Batkit, Vileclaw is her mate)

Wolfsong (Whitechaos is her mate)

Free space

Kits (Less then six moons)

Snowkit (she-kit)

Streakkit (she-kit)

Owlkit (tomkit) Jackalkit (tomkit)

Predatorkit (she-kit)

Onyxkit (she-kit)

Batkit (tomkit)

Free space

Free space

Free space

Elders (Retired toms and she-cats)

Demoneye (maybe she-cat)

Charredfur (she-cat)

Winterwind (tom)

Flickerspark (tom)

Free space


Feel free to add a cat to StealthClan. Deputy and Medicine cat spots are free, I only have cats in them just for the time being. Every other spot is free to join! :)

SpazzyFox 21:06, March 12, 2011 (UTC)

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