SteelClan is one of the great Clans.

Leader: Hawkstar: powerful ginger tom with white splotches

Deputy: Amber: ginger she cat with amber eyes: formerly a kittypet


  • Blazeclaw: intense ginger tom: APPRENTICE: Leopardpaw.
  • Blacktail: black she cat: APPRENTICE: Flamepaw.
  • Ginger: Daughter of Amber, white she cat with a hint of ginger. Former kittypet: APPRENTICE: Grasspaw
  • Tanpelt: son of Amber. small ginger tabby tom, formerly a kittypet: APPRENTICE: Skypaw.
  • Violetclaw: big violet she cat.
  • Longlegs: tabby tom with long legs.
  • Sunheart: pale yellow she cat.
  • Lostclaw: tortiseshell tom with twisted paw.
  • Jaguarfoot: swift she cat.


  • Leopardpaw: small ginger she cat with splotches of white
  • Grasspaw: stealthy tabby tom.
  • Flamepaw: red ginger tom, white tipped tail
  • Skypaw: brown tom


  • Sweetfur: pretty tabby she cat.

Medicine CatsEdit

  • Mistclaw: gray she cat with long front claws.
  • Skunktail: old black tabby tom with long bushy tail: has had many years of experience.


SteelClan is the most defensive Clan. Though aggresive, they are often considered heroes.


Though SteelClan has no real rivals, they have attacked BlazeClan, and have raided from CloudClan.


SteelClan's territory is the Loopycaves, a maze like series of tunnels that are plentiful in bats, fish and moles.

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