Stonetail was born in BloodClan. She was a kit name Mucky but she didn't like his name. She left BloodClan to find a better life and joined ShadowClan breifly with Brokentail's rogues. She rejoined later joined ShadowClan with Tigerclaw. There she learned how to be a warrior and probaly where she met Lightenstripe. She studied uner Runningnose to learn how to be a Medincie Cat once she decided he didn't like fighting. She left with his friend along with Jaggedtooth and formed a new group.


The new Clan was called ForestClan. Lightenstripe assumed leadership and he made Stonetail Medicine Cat. Snowpelt became deputy. She is still in ForestClan and doesn'thave an apprentice since she is still young.



Lightenstar ForestClan

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