Founders Jaggedstar, Fangface, Oakfoot, Spotnose, Thunderheart, Icefur, Ravensong, Patchpelt, Firetial and Blazepelt
Current Stats
Current Leader Jaggedstar
Current Deputy Firetail
Current Medicine Cat Oakfoot

StormClan was formed after the ex-BloodClan members joined up with lost warrior members and kittypets. The big cat group split into four groups foriming four new ones. StormClan was one of them and the first to get a name. StormClan is led by ex-rouge and ShadowClan warrior Jaggedtooth.


Jaggedtooth assumed leadership and was named Jaggedstar.


Jaggedstar's first deputy is an old ex-RiverClan cat named Fangface. He retired due to old age and Firetail took over after him. After the lost of Firetail, Spotnose became the new dupety.

Medicine Cat

Oakfoot was a kittypet who studied herds in his master's garden. After his master died he joined StormClan.

StormClan Current Members

Leader: Jaggedstar – a large ginger tom

Deputy: Spotnose – a long haired black and white tom with a black spot on his nose

Medicine Cat: Oakfoot – mottles grey tom with green eyes, Apprentice Dovepaw

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Thunderheart – a big bronze tom with golden eyes

Ravensong – a rusty colored she-cat with bright green eyes

Cinderclaw – a grey blue tom with dark eye

Emberfur – a sleek bright orange tom with bright blue eyes

Nightfang – a black and silver grey she-cat with crimson eyes Apprentice Leafpaw

Flamepelt – long haired bright yellow and orange tom with a dark crimson streak on back with blue eyes, Apprentice Leafpaw

Flashfoot – short haired white with ginger patches and blue grey eyes

Indigowhisker – dark blue grey with green eyes

Fluffypelt – a small fluffy grey she-cat

Scruffytail – a small black and white tom

Scrawnyfoot – a yellow long hair she-cat

Apprentices (More then six moons old, training to become warriors)

Leafpaw – a small baige tom Mentor Flamepelt

Scarletpaw – a small blue black she-cat Mentor Nightfang

Dovepaw – a white she-cat Mentor Oakfoot

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Patchpelt – a white and grey she-cat with yellow eyes (Mother of Shadowkit, Windkit and Rockkit)

Amberfur – a bright orange she-cat with blue eyes (expecting kits)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Fangface – a heavy scared tom with one eye, formerly the deputy

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Shadowkit – a dark grey tom

Windkit – a sleek silver she-cat

Rockkit – a brown tabby tom

All Known Members

A list of Warriors who have gone on to SpiritClan.

Firetail – a white tom with ginger spots, former deputy


StormClan's main rivals are ForestClan and EchoClan. BlazeClan live on the other side of the territory so they


StormClan lives on the Yellowstone plateau. Their territory in mostly up hill till it levels off on a glassy pland and thin pine forest. These cats mostly eat rabbits, small birds, mice, ground and tree squirrels. There are a lot of deer on their land as well as wolves. Bears are seen sometimes.

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