Stormheart NightClan
Clan(s) StreamClan and NightClan
Basic Info
Parents Aquafur and Thundertail
Litter-Mate(s) Unknown
Mate(s) Burnedstar
Children Wavekit and Burnkit
Mentor(s) Hawkflight
Apprentice(s) Icepaw

About HerEdit

Stormheart was once a StreamClan warrior. She was on partol when her patrol was attacked by a badger. She fell off a cliff and in to a stream that she had once played in when she was a kit. When all hope seemed lost, the brave tom, Burnedheart, saves her. She thanks him but leaves for StreamClan once more. After two long days, she snapped. She left her clan to be with Burnedheart. Both cats found their way to NightClan, Where Burnedheart became Burnedstar. Later she admits to him that she came with him out of love and the two cats become mates.


Her parents were an different kinds of cats. They let her do just about anything in the clan. When she left the clan her parents told her if thats what her heart wanted then she could go for it.


Mother: Aquafur

Father: Thundertail

Mate: Burnedstar

Children: Wavekit and Burnkit

Final hoursEdit

During the great war against NightClan and FrostClan, Burnedstar orders a raid on the weaknd FrostClan. Stormheart leads the raid with Burnedstar and two clan cats. During the raid, Burnedstar is pinned down by a massive warrior. Stormheart lost all control and jumped in front of the massive warriors claws. She was flung away from Burnedstar. She watched as he lost his anger and killed many of FrostClan's warriors out of pure hate. Burnedstar ran to her and cried her name. She smiled and whispered to him that this was the way she wanted to die. As she died she saw Soulstar and was guided to MountainStarClan. While she was in MountainStarClan, she hears that Burnedstar broke and fled NightClan. She knew it would have happened because she was his soul. Soulstar told her she could see him for a day, but Stormheart didn't want to cause him anymore pain. Stormheart is later spoken of after 6 years since Burnedstar fled, Tanglestar died, and the newest leader Bloodstar came into power. Her final appearnce was when Burnedstar walked with her to MountainStarClan. She and Burnedstar are spoken of but never seen again in the stories to come.




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