Founders Stream (Streamstar)
Current Stats
Current Leader Shadestar
Current Deputy Rainfur
Current Medicine Cat Grasswhisker
Apprentice(s) 4

Formed by the wise rouge Stream, she had a hard time getting cats to join her cause. Streamstar had a son who would become leader. Shadekit was born and raised to be a wise and brave leader. Streamstar passed away when she fell off a cliff. Respecting Streamstar's wishes, Rainfur let Shadestorm become the leader.


Leader: Rainstar- Light grey and blue, medium she-cat

Deputy: Aquafur-Light blue, medium she-cat

Medicine Cat: Grasswisker-light brown and white, medium She-cat


Emberpelt - fire red pelt color, large tom

Waterreed - Brown and white, small tom

Thundertail - Black, medium tom

Losteye - Tan-ish colored, medium tom

Doomclaw - solid black, large tom

Lilypelt - Light brown with dark brown spots, small she-cat

Silentleaf - Black and white, small she-cat

Falconwisker - grey and brown, large she-cat

Forestflower - dark brown with sand colored spots, medium she-cat

Iceheart - White medium she cat.


Shadowpaw - black small tom

Blizzardpaw - black with white spots, small she-cat

Dappelpaw - morning glory yellow, medium she-cat


StreamClan is based on the side of the mountain where a large stream runs through the side of the mountain. This was said to be the place Streamstar first saw StarClan in the skies above.

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