Founders Stream
Current Stats
Current Leader Ratstar
Current Deputy Thistlefang
Current Medicine Cat Hollyberry
Streamclan a group of cats that live in a part of the forest that is primarily wetland, or shores of lakes/rivers. The founding leader, Stream , got her name from the small, yet deep stream, so the extension of the name was given to the Clan.


StreamClan is one of the four Clans and consider StarClan to be their warrior ancestors. StreamClan cats live on the reedy, pebbly plain near a river with very few trees, StreamClan cats are known for their amazing skill at fishing and love for water. They also love beautiful things, and are known to collect rocks, shells, and feathers to decorate their dens. They eat mainly fish, but they can also eat water voles, shrews, and mice. They are contented, sleek, well-fed cats with well-groomed fur. They are known to be clever and graceful but are perceived outside their Clan as being stubborn and lazy. Their long fur and glossy coats are an asset while swimming. StreamClan gets by in leaf-bare, because according to other clans, they fatten themselves on fish during greenleaf in preparation for leaf-bare. Sometimes other Clan cats call them "fish-faces", or "fish-breath". They are quite strong swimmers and move through the water as if they are part of it.Their lightning reflexes help them scoop fish from the bank.


In the Forest TerritoriesEdit

The RiverClan forest territory is located in what Twolegs call Morgan Farm's Campsite and the River Chell. Landmarks in this territory include:

  • Camp - A well-drained island surrounded by the river and reeds. The other Clan's fear of water means this camp has never been attacked.
  • The Gorge - A deep gorge cut by the river in the terrain, border with WindClan. Apprentices are forbidden to go near it.
  • The River - A source of food and protection to the Clan. Sometimes, it is peaceful while other times, it floods.
  • Twoleg Bridge - A bridge built by Twolegs that allows the cats to go to Fourtrees when the river is high.

The whole camp is surrounded by reeds. In the central area, the cats lie and share tongues in the sun. In the tangle of one of the reeds, there is the warrior's den. It is also right next to the nursery. On the roof of the den, cats have woven in sparkling rocks and shells from the river. The light dances on these, making beautiful reflections. The river comes up very close to the nursery. That's why the walls are built very thickly to prevent the nursery swimming away in a flood. The nursery is also close to the river so the kits can practice getting wet and sometimes swimming. This helps them when they become apprentices. Across the central clearing, the elder's den, leader's den, apprentice's den, and the medicine's den dwell. They are all in a tangle of reeds covered by a hard reedy roof.

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