Founders Strikestar, Blossompelt, Jaggedstrike, Curveclaw, Yellowwhisker, and Palepelt
Current Stats
Current Leader Jaggedstar
Current Deputy Blossompelt
Current Medicine Cat Spectrumpelt

StrikeClan was formed by former IronClan and TerraClan cats that were either convinced by propaganda, exiled and then told about StrikeClan or cats that exiled themselves, in other words, left to become rouges. They are rivals with their former Clans, since StrikeClan settled near their former Clan.


Strikestar was StrikeClan's first leader until he was killed by a massive outbreak of Greencough in StrikeClan, losing his last 4 lives to the infection. Jaggedstar took Strikestar's place when he died. Jaggedstar still leads the Clan.


Jaggedstrike was first deputy until Strikestar died and Jaggedstrike had to take his place. He appointed his close friend, Blossompelt, to become next deputy.

Medicine CatEdit

Yellowwhisker was StrikeClan's Medicine cat until she was old enough to become an elder. It was then that she took in an apprentice to train. She wasn't able to teach her much, since she died within Spectrumpelt's first 5 moons of training. After only 5 moons of training, Spectrumpelt became StrikeClan's next medicine cat. Spectrumpelt is a mentor to Beetlepaw.

StrikeClan MembersEdit

Leader: Jaggedstar - A yellowish tom with an minor case of mange that gives him his name.

Deputy: Blossompelt - A she-cat with a white pelt with amber blotches.

Medicine Cat: Spectrumpelt - A white she-cat with a variaty of amber, gray, black, and brown blotches on her pelt. Apprentice: Beetlepaw

Warriors: (Toms and She-Cats without kits)

Blazestorm - Amber tom with gray paws. Apprentice: Lionpaw

Curveclaw - A black tom with amber paws and curved claws.

Thunderfrost - White she-cat with amber blotches and a black tail tip.

Cinderflash - A gray she-cat. Apprentice: Foxpaw

Dogstrike - Gray tom with a hairy chin and a shaggy chin.

Blueberryfur - Bluish-black tom with piercing, icy eyes. Apprentice: Tigerpaw

Brackenleaf - Brown tom with an amber tail tip.

Apprentices (More than six moons old. In training to become warriors.)

Foxpaw - A reddish tom with white paws and a white tail tip.

Beetlepaw - A she-cat with a black pelt.

Tigerpaw - Amber tom with black stripes on his back and has an amber and black striped tail.

Lionpaw - An amber tom.

Queens (She-cats nursing or expecting kits)

Strawberryear - Amber she-cat with small golden spots. (Mother to Strawkit and Yearkit)

Kits (Less than six moons in age)

Strawkit - A pale gold she-cat

Yearkit - A tom with white, gold, amber, and black splotches on a brown pelt.


Spikefur - Gray she-cat with an amber chest.

Barbtail - Black she-cat with a big, fluffy tail.

Thistlestorm - Brown tom with black stripes and a black and brown striped tail.

Hawktalon - Light brown tom with black stripes and amber paws.

All known membersEdit

A list of cats that were either born or joined StrikeClan

Strikestar - brown tom with amber blotches on his sides: a former StrikeClan leader. Now in SpiritClan.

Whitekit - A white she-cat that died in birth. Now in SpiritClan.

Brightkit - An amber she-cat that died in birth. Now in SpiritClan.

Yellowwhisker - A yellowish old she-cat with long whiskers. Now in SpiritClan.

Mapleshade - Amber she-cat with black spots. Now in SpiritClan.

Palepelt - A she-cat with a ghostly white pelt. Now in SpiritClan.

Rival ClansEdit

StrikeClan is rivals with TerraClan and IronClan. Most of the cats hold grudges for being exiled from these Clans. In fact, Strikeclan has gone to war with these cats before because of 'betrayal'.


StrikeClan lives in an open plain with scattered trees. StrikeClan makes their camp in a large hole in the ground. A fallen tree makes the Elder's Den while bushes make up the Nursery and the Apprentice's Den. A small cave in the side of the hollow forms the Medicine Den. A small trickle of water makes a pool in the corner of the Medicine Den. The Leader's and Warrior's dens are both made in hollows inside two trees. The Leader's has moss on the walls and an entrance lined with lichen. The Warrior's Den doesn't.

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