SunClan's Diggers are invented by me. Steelclaw I will beat Blackstorm 14:48, August 27, 2013 (UTC)

SunClan's Current Diggers

Rubblepelt: Grey tom with orange eyes. Very loyal and can be full of himself.

Twistedtail: Silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes and a long, twisted tail. Very sweet; trains Rubblepelt and bears his kits.

Dustheart: dusky brown tom with his sister's yellow eyes (Twistedtail). He is quiet and content when he works. He gets really riled up in battle.

SunClan's Past Diggers

Stonefeather: Grey tabby tom with blue eyes and one white paw; retired to the Elder's den, still living

Yellowtail: Golden tom with lime green eyes (He is a decsandant of Lionheart); killed in battle

Redflower: Ginger she-cat with light blue eyes; old age

Airheart: White she-cat with amber eyes and grey paws; ate posion fresh-kill

Pinepelt: Brown tabby tom with emerald green eyes; retired to the Elder's den

Reedsky: Mottled golden and brown she-cat; old age

Darkfeather: Black tom with huge blue eyes; old age

Flowerface: Extremely light grey she-cat with flower markings around her amber eyes; retired early due to failing sight

Ambershard; Yellow she-cat with green eyes; killed in battle

Blackpetal: Black she-cat with green eyes; killed in battle

Treefoot: Brown battle-scarred tom with blue eyes; Hit by a monster

Foxclaw: Red tom with amber eyes; retired to the Elder's den

Bluecloud: Blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes; killed by a fox

Mudsplatter: Muddy-brown tom with blue eyes; ambushed by enemy patrol

Orangeflower: Amber she-cat with blue eyes; retired to the elder's den

Leafstep: Brown she-cat with leafy-green eyes; retired to the Elder's den

Seedstar: Light brown tabby she-cat with sapphire blue eyes; drowned. (She was on patrol; so cats knew she died). Second leader and Sunstar's deputy