Sunclan cats are used to the hot desert sun and have hard callouses on their paws. They usually have light colored fur to keep the sun from overheating them. These cats have long legs and a lot of endurance. They can run for nearly two hours on end. They also usually have thickly furred tails, and short furred bodies. This keeps out the desert night's coldness. They also have green, yellow, or orange eyes.


This clan currently resides in the outer reaches of the desert. Their camp is surrounding an oasis with clear waters, and surrounded by date trees. The leader's den is in an underground sand burrow, made long ago by an animal. The medicine cat lives in a smaller cave next to the leader's. The warrior's den is in a clearing surrounded by cacti, and the apprentice's den is next to the nursery in a cozy spot surrounded by date trees.


LEADER: BlazeStar- Golden-white she-cat with Deep black eyes. Long furred, with a graceful tail.

DEPUTY: Charpelt - deep brown cat with black stripes, Amber eyes.

MEDICINE CAT:Onyxfire- Long-furred silver tabby with blue eyes.


Sandstripe- cream she-cat with dark yellow stripes, orange eyes

DuneStrike- alternating sandy stripes and brown stripes, white bellied tom.-

Fireeye-yellow with orange eyes and black stripes. 

rednose- Black she-cat with gray eyes and a distinctive pinkish red nose.

Russetfur- white tom with bright red stripes, yellow-green eyes.


Jadepaw- Golden tom with green eyes

Skypaw- Black she cat with white front paws and one green eye and one blue. (Healer)

Bloodpaw - bright red-orange tabby with green eyes


Dawnheart- Cream she cat with green eyes. Mother to Cloudkit, Burnkit, Firekit

Nightsky- Black she cat with silver eyes. Mother to Moonkit

Emberlight- Golden-white she cat with deep midnight blue eyes. Mother to Nightkit and Sunkit. 


Auburnflight- Light brown tabby she-cat with light green eyes.

Emeraldeye- gray tom with huge made colored eyes

Rubyclaw- white she-cat with red eyes and maroon-brown claws


Cloudkit- white kit with yellow belly, red eyes

Burnkit - light orange kit with white belly. Yellow-green eyes

Firekit- cream kit with orange eyes

Moonkit- gray kit with bright green eyes

Nightkit- black kit with small white speckles, blue green eyes. 

Sunkit - golden furred kit with gray eyes

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