Sunfeather is a large golden tabby she-cat with bright amber eyes. She has a nick in her left ear and several scars along her back

History Edit

Sunkit was born to Leafdawn and Snowcloud in the middle of leaf-bare. She was named after her bright gold-yellow fur, which seemed to shimmer in the sunlight. Out of her siblings, Sunkit seemed to be the most adventurous, often getting herself into trouble for leaving the nursery.

Like most kits, Sunkit was apprenticed at six moons, and became Sunpaw. She was often given the task to clean out the elders den due to her troublesome personality, but it was all in good fun to her.

Sunpaw was eventually given her warrior name, Sunfeather, along with her siblings. About a moon after her ceremony, her former mentor, Rosepelt, was mysteriously killed. Devastated, she became very depressed, to the point of her having to be persuaded to eat. Mudstorm, one of her closest friends, was able to coax her out of her sadness, and the two eventually became mates, with Sunfeather bearing his kits.

Clan(s) ShadowClan
Gender Female
Rank Warrior; Queen
Basic Info
Parents Leafdawn (Mother)

Snowcloud (Father)

Litter-Mate(s) Sootcloud (Brother)

Darkwing (Sister)

Mate(s) Mudstorm
Children Rosekit, Daisykit
Mentor(s) Rosepelt
Status Alive
Owner Kitagon