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Hello, im Sunnyleaf, and this is my Warriors fan fic! Please do not delete!


"No! No, don't leave, Flowerfur! I can't be a med cat! Im not ready!" I pleaded. "It's ok, Sunnyleaf. It was my time. You will be a great medicine cat." Flowerfur trailed off. "No!" I cried. "Don't moan over me, Sunnyleaf. You must take care of ThunderClan." Flowerfur closed her eyes. "No!" I sobbed.

A year later...

I was dreaming. Two cats stood in front of me. The white tom stepped forward. "I am Cloudspots, the first ThunderClan medicine cat." The second cat stepped forward. "I am Star. Some cats call me the founder of StarClan." I gasped. We have a prophecy. They began in perfect union. 

Stars will soar, and cats will rise to glory. Without the duo, the clan will crumble, and a certain cats anger will rise and bring demise. Shadows take charge to bring you down, and without these two, the clan will take apart me and you. Wars raging, unnessesary deaths and the end of the clans.

I gasped. "But what does it mean?" I asked. Star and Cloudspots started to fade. "Wait, don't go!" I cried. "Please, tell me more!" I pleaded.

"Hello Sunnyleaf! Purplekit cheered. "What's up, Purplekit? You seem excited." I already knew what was happening. "Fatekit, Yellowkit, Glorykit, Starkit and I are becoming apprentices!" Purplekit beamed. All of the sudden I heard Lunarstar call a meeting.

"Let all cats old enough to catch their prey join me to hear these words. Purplekit, Fatekit Yellowkit, Starkit, and Glorykit beamed and stood on either side of Lunarstar. "These kits are to become apprenticed." She began. "Lighteningclaw, you are ready for an apprentice. Your apprentice will be Purplepaw." "Snowclaw, my deputy. You are ready for another apprentice. Fatepaw will be your new apprentice." There was three apprentices left. I gulped, remembering the prophecy.

Yellowpaw looked at me. "I wanna be Sunnyleaf's apprentice!" She squeled. "Ya do know what medicine cats can and cant do right?" "Umm... no..." she said. "Well they cant, hunt fight," Starpaw began. Yellowkit thought for a minute. "I wanna be a warrior instead." She said. I sighed with relief in the inside.

"Yellowpaw, you will be my apprentice. Lunarstar said. "Lunarstar, before you give Starpaw and Glorypaw mentors, may I speak with you?" Lunarstar exhaled. "Sure." Lunarstar said. I tell her about the prophecy. "I understand." Lunarstar said formely.

"I wanna be a medicine cat like Sunnyleaf!" Starpaw exclaimed. "Me to." Glorypaw meowed. "But she can only have one apprentice..." "Ok cats of ThunderClan, listen up! Since these two apprentices want to be medicine cats, Sunnyleaf offered to mentor you both, due to a prophecy."

"Were prophesized cats!" They cheered. "Now, carry on." Lunarstar dismissed. I taught them the herbs, then the meanings. They fetched me cobwebs and such. It was easy, so far.

Chapter 1: Prophecys and returnsEdit

Starsoar and Gloryflower finished organizing the herbs. "Done." They said. I was walking in the camp when I saw two apprentices fighting. It was Fatepaw and Yellowpaw. It was a paw to paw combat. Suddenly, they passed our watering hole. The water turned blood red. Then dark blue water started eating up the blood red water, and the water showed an image of ThunderClan cats suffering, and the two apprentices fighting as warriors. 

Later on, I deciphered the code. I reported it to Lunarstar. "You have to do something about Yellowpaw and Fatepaw! I had an omen about cats suffering, and bloodspills for nothing!" I cried. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will do something about this." "Thank you, Lunarstar."  

"I welcome two new kits into ThunderClan. Their names are Fastkit and Crazykit." "Now, carry on." Their mother, Blackmoon, looked so proud. The kits liked to play. They were super adorable, to. 

I was dreaming, again. Star and Cloudspots stood before me. "Hello again, Sunnyleaf." They greeted me. "Hello." I replied. "We have urgent news. "Yes, Star?" I asked. "It is about Fastkit and Crazykit." I gasped. "They are special, and prophesized." They began reciting the prophecy.

Fast and eager, crazy and proud.

In ThunderClan one wasn't found. 

Escape for freedom, is what she will do.

Lure her sister out, to.

Born to save, born to take flight.

On a journey that holds a deadly fight.

Fast and furious, crazy and full of might.

The fate of ThunderClan in their paws.

They must learn when to use their claws.

Fate is not always black and white.

Yellow colours and strong might.

Destiny calling, calling them right.

The'se kits have the power they must hold.

But future cannot always be told.

I was speechless. Lunarstars call awoke me. "Purplepaw. During the middle of the night, you risked your own life to save save Crazykit and Fastkit. It was an honorary thing that you have done. You know how to battle, and catch prey very well. You helped out Sunnyleaf and her apprentices. For these reasons, I now name you Purplepelt." 

Fatepaw and Yellowpaw scowled. "Lucky." They said dissapointedly. "Don't worry guys. It'll be your turn soon."

Chapter 2: Again, Star?Edit

"Hello again Star." "Ok Sunnyleaf. I need you and Yellowpaw to do me a favour. Look. I need you two to help some of StarClans kits. You know, the passed kits in StarClan. In return, I grant you one wish." Star said. I looked at Yellowpaw. She was nodding vigurosly. "Well, what is your answer, Sunnyleaf?" "Alright..."

"Are we going to go look for some herbs, Sunnyleaf?" "I cant..." "What? Why?" They asked. I have something important to do. You may gather, if you'd like." "Oh. Alright." Yellowpaw and I helped the kits for a while. "Our mentor is never here."I heard Starsoar say. I sighed. If only they knew.

"Ok, your duty is done, you two. You get om e wish, Sunnyleaf. Hold onto it, ok?" "Yes, star." When I got back to the camp, Gloryflower had gone missing! "Wheres Gloryflower?" I exclaimed. "We don't know. We've been looking for you!" Starsoar yelled. Fatepaw had already became a warrior while we were absent. She is Fateheart. Suddenly, Yellowpaw came back with Gloryflower. "Gloryflower!" I cheered. 

"Yellowpaw, you will now be known as Yellowfur."  A moon later...

"Fastpaw, your mentor will be Fateheart. Crazypaw, your mentor will be Yellowfur." Lunarstar said. Yellowfur and Fateheart glared at eachother scornfully. The mentors and apprentices went out training as usual.

Chapter 3: Newly appointed!Edit

"Fastpaw, you will now be known as Fastwind. Crazypaw, you will now be known as Crazyspirit." Lunarstar told us. "You may now be dismissed." Lunarstar said. "Yay!" They cheered. "Fastwind! Crazyspirit!" 

Yellowfur and Fateheart went out hunting. They never did this. Except if they were with there apprentices, who were now warriors. Oh no... Yellowfur and Fateheart emerged into the camp, with no prey. But they did bring new battle scars. "What in the name of StarClan happened to you two?" I exclaimed. "Gloryflower, Starsoar, please treat these two. "Yes, Sunnyleaf." They replied.

Later that night...

I was organizing my herbs, when I heard something. I saw the yellow pelt of Yellowfur. I followed her, discising my scent. "The wish.. yes the wish is how I'll get rid of her." "Where do you think your going, Yellowfur?" Yellowfur stopped in her tracks. "Oh.. uhm.. hi Sunnyleaf." "Back to camp." I told her. 

I awoke to screeching. And lots of it.

I jolted up, and saw Starsoar and Gloryflower panting with the jolt from waking up. "What was all that screeching?" Starsoar breathed. "Let's find out!" Gloryflower said urgently.

We burst into the camp. Warriors were alert with fear. All we saw was Fateheart and Yelllwfur grappling with eachother. Lunarstar charged at the two warriors. They released eachother, panting and coughing. Pools of blood were all over the camp. "What's happened?" I cried. "Starsoar, Gloryflower, take them to the medicine den and start to check their wounds." 

Yellowfur and Fateheart glared at eachother in the medicine den. "You'll pay for what you've done." Yellowfur hissed to Fateheart. "He loved me Yellowfur!" Fateheart retorted. "I will get my revenge." Yellowfur gritted under her teeth.

Chapter 4: Crazy for freedomEdit