Founders Swampstar and other cats
Current Stats
Current Leader Greenstar
Current Deputy Beargrass
Current Medicine Cat Tigerlilly
Apprentice(s) 2

SwampClan inhabbit the swamps and are a very old Clan. These cats are good at swimming and hunting fish.


Swampstar was the first leader. His successor is unknown. Greenstar is the current leader.


Unknown. Beargrass is the current leader.

Medinice CatEdit

Unknown, but Tigerlilly is the current Medicine Cat.

Current MembersEdit

Leader: Greenstar – a long haired greenish tom with an underbite

Deputy: Beargrass – abig dark bown tabby tom with big claws

Medicine Cat: Tigerlilly – a ginger she-cat with green eyes

Warriors (Toms and She-cats without kits)

Mudnose – brown tabby tom

Frogeye – a sleek black tom with yellow eyes Apprentice Murkypaw

Leafpelt – a yellow she-cat with blue eyes

Toadpelt – a light brown tabby tom Apprentice Lillypaw

Fishlegs – a gray and white she-cat with yellow eyes

Cranewing – a sleek white tom with yellow eyes

Storktail –a gray tom with deep blue eyes

Butterflyheart – a long-haird light ginger she-cat

Dragonflyclaw – a sleek black tom

Apprentices (more than six moons old, training to become warriors)

Murkypaw – a dark brown tabby tom with green eyes

Lillypaw – a light yellow she-cat with blue eyes

Queens (She-cats expecting or nursing kits)

Riverfoot – a long-hair dark rust colored she-cat (Mother of kit, Lichenkit and Reedkit)

Sparrowheart – a long hair brown mottled she-cat (Mother of Hazelkit and Mosskit)

Elders (retired warriors and queens)

Beetlefur – a spotted tan tom

Tanpolefoot – a light brown she-cat with blue eyes

Kits (Younger than six moons)

Lichenkit – a sleek light she-cat

Reedkit – a sleek black tom

Hazel – a sandy ginger she-cat

Mosskit– a black tom

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