Clan(s) Metalclan
Rank Warrior
Basic Info
Litter-Mate(s) Thrushkit, Steelkit
Mate(s) None

Kit(s) = None

Apprentice(s) Frostpaw


Tanspots is a light silver tom with unusual patches of tan-orange spots.

Cause of DeathEdit

Jungleclan is seen taking over Metalclan's camp to get bigger territory. Whitefoot threatens Rosefur that he will kill all of her precious kits. Tanspots sees this and pounces on Whitefoot scratching his right eye. Whitefoot struggles and suceeds in pushing Tanspots off.

Tanspots gets knocked back harshly and he skids to a halt. He glares at Whitefoot and without worries jumps on him. Whitefoot swiftly bites his throat and squeezes it until he stops breathing.


Tanspots is a very kind and elegant silver cat. He is loyal and respectful but sometimes dim-witted and foolish with no worries.


Tankit is born to Flowerear and Poisonclaw. Greencough was spreading around Metalclan but luckily, Tankit didn't catch it but his litter-mates did. Thrushkit and Steelkit later died of it a few minutes after. They were grieved heavily and for a long time. 9 moons later, Tankit becomes Tanpaw and his mentor is Birdfeather a cat with a very feather-like pelt.

Tanpaw trained a lot but was the least experienced apprentice of the whole clan which worried him. Birdfeather seemed graceful as ever though telling him not to worry and that he will make a great warrior. Tanpaw later commented that Birdfeather was the best mentor an apprentice could have.

After a lot of moons, lots of apprentices were becoming warriors including Tanpaw. He was overjoyed and kept mentioning about it to every warrior or elder. Birdfeather was proud and filled with joy. Finally, Tanpaw became Tanspots at night. Sadly, Terraclan invaded there camp and lots of warriors were killed.

Tanspots was fighting Dappleface but was pinned down by her. She asked him if he had any last words and he said nothing. Birdfeather jumps on Dappleface but Dappleface slices his throat open swiftly. Tanspots is angry by this and while she is distracted he bites her shoulder.

Dappleface yowls in pain and seems angrier than ever. She slashes him on the cheek harshly but Tanspots pins her down like she did to him and he says she should go in the Dark Forest before killing her with a fatal wound.


After the battle with Terraclan he ask the leader if he can bury Birdfeather and Metalstar says yes knowing how much Tanspots cared for Birdfeather. He buries him by his favorite tree with pink flowers blooming up on its branches.

He grieves Birdfeather and gloomily walks back to camp. The next morning, Metalstar tells the clan that Tanspots will me mentoring Frostpaw a beautiful she-cat with icy blue eyes and a pure white pelt. He teaches her all the moves he knows and a few moons after, she was a natrual.

Frostpaw earns her warrior name Frostpelt and Tanspots is heavily delighted wondering if that's how Birdfeather felt when he received his warrior name. When Tanspots dies, she grieves him heavily and comments she will never forget him.

==End of Bio==