Tansypaw's discovery is the second book in the NectarClan book series.

Chapter 1Edit

Shrewstar announces that there will be a Clan Meet tonight. Tansypaw asks Fernpaw what a Clan Meet is. Fernpaw tells her that a Clan Meet is when cats of the four clans, NectarClan, HillsideClan, FieldClan, and MountainClan go to the Meeting Rock on a full moon for a truce. Shrewstar then announces that he's going to take Crowclaw, Redwing, Tansypaw, Fernpaw, and Fishscale to the Clan Meet.

Chapter 2Edit

As the cats are walking to the Meeting Rock Tansypaw asks what it looks like. Paletail answers that it's a very large flat rock. When the cats get there Tansypaw she sees the rock with alot of cats on it and asks who they all are. Crowclaw points his tail to a small dark gray she-cat and tells her it's Scorchedstar, the leader of HillsideClan. Then he points to a dark ginger tom and tells her it's Foxstar, the leader of FieldClan. Fernpaw asks Shrewstar when the meeting is going to start. Shrewstar answers that it will start when the MountainClan cats get here.

Chapter 3Edit

Tansypaw sees Paletail walk over to a light brown tom at the edge of the rock and overhears him ask how Fernpaw, Vinepaw, and Cobpaw were doing in NectarClan. Tansypaw was confused to hear this, she knew Paletail was Fernpaw's mother, but could it be possible that the tom FieldClan tom was Fernpaw's father? Tansypaw turns around and sees Fernpaw who has also overheard the conversation. Crowclaw walks up to Tansypaw and piont his tail to some cats coming to the Meeting Rock and tells her there the MountainClan cats.

Chapter 4Edit

After the Clan Meet the cats walked home and went to sleep. In the morning Tansypaw woke up ealy and told Fernpaw to get up, but Fernpaw replied that she didn't want to get up. Tansypaw notised that Fernpaw had been acting differently since she found out she was half-clan. Crowclaw called for Tansypaw, and she came to him, later they came back with voles in there mouths. They drop there prey into the fresh-kill pile. Tansypaw looks around and sees Vinepaw and Fernpaw leaving NectarClan camp, rushes over to them, and asks them why they are leaving. Vinepaw answers that it's because they don't belong in NectarClan, so they are going to live in FieldClan. Tansypaw is frightened to hear that because she and Fernpaw have become best friends ever since she joined NectarClan. Tansypaw asks why Cobpaw isn't going with them. Fernpaw tells her it's because Cobpaw never felt out of place in NectarClan. Tansypaw says good bye to Fernpaw and Vinepaw and they say good bye to her.