Founders Earthquakestar, Stormtail, Harmonysong, Freewind, Kinkheart, Strongpaw (Now Strongclaw) , and Freshpaw (Now Freshsong)
Current Stats
Current Leader Bloodstar
Current Deputy Scorchstep
Current Medicine Cat Berrysmudge

TerraClan is a very old Clan that has lived on for a long time. They live close to StrikeClan and IronClan. TerraClan raised Terrorember, as well as had a part in starting StrikeClan. They have had a large role in impacting the forest around them. TerraClan was formed from an ex-ShadowClan warrior, and ex-WindClan warrior, and various rouges and kittypets.


Earthquakestar, a former ShadowClan member, became TerraClan's first leader, since he was the main organizer of the Clan. Stormstar, the former WindClan member, became leader when Earthquakestar died. Platinumstar became leader next, directly appointed by Stormstar in his dying moments. Although, the deputy is always leader after the previous leader dies, this was special because Stormstar told him directly right before he died. Dragonstar, became leader after Platinumstar. Then, Thornstar became leader next. When Thornstar retired with 3 lives left, Sporeheart became leader, becoming Sporestar. After Sporestar, Freestar became leader. When Freestar died, Icefur became Icestar. Then, Bloodtail became Bloodstar as Icestar died.


Stormtail was TerraClan's first deputy until he became leader. Stormstar appointed Platinumpelt deputy until Stormstar died and Platinumstar had to assume the role of leader. Platinumstar appointed Dragonclaw to be next deputy when his previous deputy, Rubyheart, died when Lostheart tried to become deputy and killed her. Dragonstar appointed Polarfrost to be his deputy until he had to retire of old age. Dragonstar then appointed Thornwhisker to be his next deputy until Thornstar became leader. Thornstar appointed Furnaceblaze to be deputy until he was killed in a rockslide. Sporeheart was appointed next deputy until his grandfather became an elder and Sporestar became leader. Sporestar appointed Freewing as the next deputy. When Freewing became Freestar, he appointed Icefur to be the next deputy. When Icefur became leader, Bloodtail became deputy. Then, Scorchstep became deputy when Bloodtail became leader.

Medicine CatEdit

Harmonysong was the first medince cat in TerraClan, although she was young enough to be an apprentice. She was still their first medicine cat. Anyway, Harmonysong took Greenfrost as her apprentice shortly after she became old enough to become a warrior. (Just old enough. She wasn’t a warrior) Greenfrost became full medicine cat when Harmonysong died. After 7 moons of being the only medicine cat, Ivypool became her apprentice and learned from Greenfrost until Greenfrost’s death. Ivypool became full medicine cat and still is currently. Ivypool took on an apprentice, Dapplepaw, after about 8 moons of being full medicine cat. Dapplepaw is now Dappleleaf. When Ivypool died, Dappleleaf became full medicine cat. She got her apprentice, Berrypaw, soon after. Berrypaw became Berrysmudge and became full medicine cat when Dappleleaf died.

TerraClan MembersEdit

‘’’Leader:’’’ Bloodstar – An amber she-cat with a torn tail

‘’’Deputy:’’’ Scorchstep - An amber tom with amber eyes.

‘’’Medicine Cat:’’’ Berrysmudge - A white tom with amber splotches.

‘’’Warriors:’’’ Stormwater - A gray tom with blue eyes.

Frogfang - A light gray tom with green eyes.

Vinetail - A brown she-cat with white spots, black belly fur and deep golden eyes.

Darkenheart - A dark black she-cat with green eyes.

Swiftfur - A calico tom with green eyes.

Wolfspirit - A gray tom with icy blue eyes.

Cavewater - A dusty brown tom with dull blue eyes.

Edgewhisker - A light gray tom with green eyes and long whiskers.

Gingerflower - A light ginger she-cat with green eyes.

Mousepelt - A light gray she-cat with a white underbelly.

Crushfur - A bulky tom with heavy brown fur.

Spiderwhisker - A light black tom with long whiskers.

Sunblaze - A light ginger tom with yellow eyes.

‘’’Queens:’’’ Moonwater - A black-blue she-cat with white speckles. (Mother to Lionkit, Tigerkit, and Leopardkit)


‘’’Apprentices:’’’ Flashpaw - A white tom with lively, yellow eyes.

Boulderpaw - A gray tom with black paws and green eyes.

Sandpaw - A light chestnut-colored she-cat with yellow eyes.

‘’’Kits:’’’ Lionkit - A fiery amber tom with amber eyes.

Tigerkit - A brown tom with black stripes.

Leopardkit - A golden tom with black spots.

All Known MembersEdit

Earthquakestar – A dark brown tom with black streaks on his back.

Freewind – A golden she-cat with sparkling blue eyes.

Stormstar – A dark gray tom with blue-gray paws.

Kinkheart – A gray she-cat with fur that sticks out at all angles.

Polarfrost – A white tom with icy blue eyes.

Runningfoot – A brown she-cat with extremely long legs.

Totemwhisker – A light brown tom with intricate black designs.

Hardtail – A black tom with a long tail and yellow eyes.

Freshsong – A light brown she-cat with amber eyes.

Strongclaw – A very strong, light black tom with green eyes.

Streammist – A light blue-gray she-cat with blue eyes.

Needletail – A light gray she-cat with spiky fur.

Pineear – A brown tom with green eyes.

Shrubfrost – A brown she-cat with light blue eyes.

Whiteclaw – A white tom with long claws and amber eyes.

Briarkit – A gray tom with black stripes. Died at birth.

Molepaw – A black tom with green eyes.

Foxtail – An amber she-cat with white paws and a white tail tip.

Longclaw – A gray tom with long claws.

Platinumstar –A golden tom with extremely shiny hair.

Rubyheart – A sleek, amber she-cat with shining amber eyes.

Dragonstar – A black tom with amber and white blotches on his face.

Littletail – A brown tom with a small tail.

Lostheart – A gray tom with yellow eyes.

Redblaze – A handsome amber tom with jagged, golden stripes.

Furnaceblaze – A amber tom with striking amber eyes.

Willowfall – A brown she-cat with dusty brown spots.

Scarface - A brown tom with black stripes and a scar down his face.

Treepelt – A brown tom with with black stripes and green eyes.

Brownstripe – A brown she-cat with black stripes.

Thornwhisker – A gray tom with long whiskers.

Mossyfoot – A brown she-cat with silver paws.

Freestar - A golden tom with black spots.

Ivypool – A very old brown tabby she-cat with black stripes.

Dappleleaf - A dark amber she-cat with brown spots.

Icefur - A pure white tom with blue eyes.

Coalclaw – A dark tom with blue eyes.

Larkfur – A light brown she-cat with dusty brown paws.

Clifface – A brown tom with a gray face.

Pinefall – A black she-cat with green eyes.

Stripeface – A brown she-cat with black stripes all over.

Goldenbird - A golden she-cat.

Viperstrike – A gray tom with a long scar across his pelt.

Streamfeather – A golden tom with green eyes.

Snaketail – A black tom with a brown and amber striped tail.

Reedtail – An amber tom with a long tail.

Voleclaw – A gray tom with black paws.

Bushfoot – A silver she-cat.

Sunpelt – A golden she-cat with green eyes.

Cloudfang – A white tom with amber eyes.

Coldpelt - A pure white she-cat with blue eyes.

Sheeppelt - A white she-cat with a matted pelt.

Lightheart - A golden she-cat with yellow eyes.


TerraClan’s main rivals are IronClan and StrikeClan.


TerraClan once lived in a lush, green forest, but were driven underground by a wicked Clan. They are now able to emerge to hunt and patrol borders. The underground camp is mainly tunnels with a few rooms, the largest being the camp. Their forest territory is small but has lush grass and a few trees. The Warrior’s Den is an alcove in the wall surrounded by brambles. The Apprentice’s Den and the Nursery are stones that have small rooms in them. The Medicine Cat’s Den is located in a room inside the wall. A long strip of stone winds up the wall, granting access to the den that would otherwise be unreachable. The Leader’s Den is located under a huge mound of boulders that forms the Highledge.


  • Currently, I think that TerraClan is the largest Clan on the fanon.
  • Most of the cats on this Clan are inspired by friends I met on Warrior Cats on Roblox.
  • To get on this Clan, leave a message on this talk page or find me on Roblox.
  • I consider a couple days about 3 or so moons.

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