Mountain Territory

Mountain Terriory
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NightClan, StreamClan, FrostClan, LightingClanEdit

Each of these clans are based upon a large mountain, far from any twolegs. NightClan keeps to the shadowed part of the base while FrostClan keeps toward the top of the mountain where it is cold and hard to live. StreamClan lives on the side of the mountain where a thousand year old stream runs while LightingClan... What little is known about them...Lives in the forested part of the mountain.

The GatheringsEdit

Like all clans, the clans of the mountain also have gatherings. They are held on the side of the mountain that was burned out years ago. To NightClan, LightingClan, FrostClan, and StreamClan this place is called Four Stones. It is called Four Stones because of the large Stones that hide a tree. Near the tree is the gathering point. The center rock is called Elder Stone.