Leader Edit

TERRORSTAR - Black Maine Coon tom.

Deputy Edit

MURDERTHORN - White she-cat with a ripped ear.

Medicine Cat Edit

GRAVELEAF - Grey tabby tom.

Warriors Edit

BROOK - Light grey she-cat, formely a rogue cat.

KIERA - Grey she-cat, formely a rogue cat.

WILLOWFANG - Furious and powerful ginger she-cat, formely a rogue cat.

PHOEBE - Black she-cat with one white paw, formely a kittypet.

IVYTAIL - Strong, large tortoiseshell she-cat, formely from LightClan.

MARSHFUR - Brown she-cat - Terrorstar and Poisontail's mother.

PHANTOM - White tom with black paws and a very long tail, formely a rogue cat.

COTTONPELT - Swift white she-cat.

LOSTEAR - Tortoiseshell tom with a missing ear, foremly a rogue cat.

LIONFACE - Ginger tom with a lion-like face.

ASHLEY Sporty white she-cat, formely a kittypet.

POISONTAIL - White she-cat with a black face and back - poison-like green eyes - Terrorstar's sister.

BUSHYTAIL - Tabby tom with a huge, bushy tail, formely a rogue cat.

SCARFACE - Scarred white tom with one black paw.

LOSTEYE - White tom with a missing eye.


BONEWIND - White she-cat.

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