Terrorember IronClan
Clan(s) IronClan, TerraClan and TerrorClan
Basic Info
Parents Unknown
Mate(s) Torchscar
Children Dogfang, Hawktalon
Mentor(s) Ironstar
Apprentice(s) Scarredpaw


One night, Terrorkit was kitted inside of a Twoleg nest, along with 5 other littermates that are currently unknown. He was born blind in one eye and with a crooked tail. His mother thought him to be a mistake and hurled him outside into the yard by the scruff. It was winter and very cold. A light flurry of snow started to fall and Terrorkit started to freeze. After a few hours, he was freezing to death and sapped of all of his energy because of lack of milk. Luckily, a IronClan medicine cat was walking back to his Clan from a herb-gathering trip. He dropped his herbs and picked up Terrorkit by the scruff, hauling him back to his Clan. Terrorkit was brought before Ironstar, leader of IronClan accepted Terrorkit into his Clan.


At his naming ceremony, Terrorkit was named Terrorpaw because of his horrific birth defects. Because IronClan was all out of mentors, Ironstar took Terrorpaw's training upon his own shoulders. He trained Terrorpaw until he could outmatch many of the senior warriors in Clan. In fact, Ironstar trained him a bit too well. He became power-driven and had a lust for battle. He was truly an evil cat. One day, on his final assessment, he crossed paths with a kittypet. He became outraged and lunged for its neck. The kittypet was killed and Terrorpaw dragged it back to his camp like a piece of fresh-kill. Ironstar and the rest of the Clan were horrified. He exiled Terrorpaw from the Clan to become a loner. He went in search of another Clan.


Terrorpaw walked around for half a moon, staying well fed from the forest's amazing prey. He finally stumbled across a group of cats named TerraClan. He was accepted into their Clan by Dragonstar. He was immediately made a warrior because of his training in Clan. He was now named Terrorember and was a full warrior. He lived with TerraClan for 3 moons, eating, hunting, and thriving with the cats until he became power-driven and wanted control of the forest. He challenged the old Dragonstar to a battle for leadership. Dragonstar fought Terrorember's murdurous attacks and finally ended the battle with a nip of a pressure point on Terrorember's shoulder. Terrorember was exiled from the Clan, now shunned by every Clan he came across.

Forming TerrorClanEdit

Terrorember wandered the forest for 2 moons gathering loners that he came across. Any that refused were attacked brutally and left where they were. He was truly evil. He broke into the homes of Twolegs and stole kits to raise in TerrorClan. They were trained while they were still blind and made full warriors at 6 moons old. All warriors, even warriors who were only 6 moons, fought with terrifying skill. TerrorClan became one of the most terrifying Clans in the forest. Stolen kits were given to a pair of mated cats to be raised with the skills of both cats, as was Terrorember. Terrorember was truly a monster.

The Great Battle with MossClanEdit

MossClan was a Clan that lived by the shore of a great river. They were a peaceful Clan and lived in peaceful harmony with the other Clans. Until TerrorClan declared war upon the helpless Clan. MossClan couldn't stand up against the murdurous attacks of the TerrorClan warriors. They were wiped out in a matter of hours. TerrorClan raided their fresh-kill pile and left the camp deserted.

The Great Fall of TerroremberEdit

Terrorember was feared throughout the forest by all the Clans. They eventually united into a force of cats. They trekked throught the forest until they came across Terrorember and his band of rouges. His Clan was attacked and overwhelmed by the swarm of warriors and apprentices. They fought until only Terrorember remained. They fanned out and the leaders of all the Clans confronted Terrorember. The leaders charged and mowed Terrorember over, Dragonstar making the final deathbite on his neck. TerrorClan was defeated and Terrorember's nasty reign on the forest was over.


Terrorember is a black and amber striped tom with a crooked tail and only one working eye. His claws were wrenched out and he replaced them with the teeth of dogs he found. His eyes are green.