The Battle of Fort 13 was a siege that took place during PetClan's war against the Dark Forest. The siege lasted 13 days, during which the 198 defenders were pressured hard from the army of Dark Forest cats led by Mapleshade. At the end of the siege, she launched a massive attack. Despite the defenders' resistance, the fort was captured and all the defenders were killed.

Of the defenders who fought at Fort 13, at least 30 of them were clan cats, which enraged PetClan and drove them to defeat Mapleshade's army and the Dark Forest.


Fort 13's origin is unknown, but it is believed to have been built at least a century before PetClan found and fortified it. The fort comprised of a compound of buildings that formed a rectangle. Three courtyards and a church lay to the east. The entire compound covered a few acres of land; a fort that size required at least a thousand cats to fully defend the perimeter. Its garrison would never get anywhere near that number.

The abandoned compound was discovered by a border patrol, and its location was reported to President Whiskers. The compound happened to lay in a chokepoint at the edge of PetClan territory, so Whiskers ordered the compound fortified. Work on fortifications began immediately, though the cats living there weren't too happy about the arrangement. 6 of them remained in their camp, but most of them left.

After a few moons, the compound, now designated as Fort 13 looked like a fortress, but it had more weaknesses than strengths. Its walls, for instance, were 3 tails thick. If an enemy got close to the walls, the defenders would have to stand on top of them to fire at the attackers below. In doing so, the defenders themselves would become targets, a problem never quite taken care of. Another weakness was its size. The compound had over 1500 tails of total perimeter to defend. Had all its defenders been spaced evenly, there would've been only 1 every 6-7 tails.

After the compound was fortified, it was manned. The first cats to arrive were 30 of the Newleaf Guard, an infantry division comprised of experienced volunteers. Most of them were average in terms of their skill, though a few of them were crack shots.

Among them was Commander Thornheart, well known for her fiery temper. She had been born to PetClan, but was named like a Clan cat as was a PetClan tradition that was growing increasingly popular. Thornheart had risen to her rank because of her personality. On this occasion, she was second in command of the Newleaf Guard company stationed at Fort 13.

Also stationed there was a detachment of the Thunderpath Artillery Division. These 54 cats were experienced in the artillery field and brought 18 cannons of various calibers to the fort to allow some level of support for the infantry.

One of the commanders of said detachment was Captain Almeron, an aging artillery celebrity. He was said to have been more plump than a house cat, but faster than a cheetah. As part of the artillery division, he had fought in many battles in the war against the Twolegs, and, thus, his experience was invaluable to the garrison.

The Greenleaf Greys arrived days later, adding 24 additional cats to the garrison. There were now 108 cats in the garrison. The Greenleaf Greys were at Fort 13 were regulars, cats from the Army. They were mostly average shots.

Their commander, Treewick, was middle aged. She had battle experience from the war against the Twolegs as well. She was the cat who had led the defense of Fort Invincible, a captured farm by a lake used as a fort, where she and around 1500 other cats successfully defended against a vastly greater number of dogs. She also took part in the Gorge Offensive when she was a private under the command of a close friend of her's, Sparta. By the time she was stationed at Fort 13, she had bore 4 litters of kits.

The last 3 companies to arrive were Travis' Legion Regulars, a band of sharpshooter led by the infamous Billy the Kittypet, and 24 Clan cats who were part of the Silverpelt Volunteers Division. This brought the garrison strength to 168 cats.

Travis was already a known name. He was only a kit when the assault on Twolegplace occurred. He was seen bravely evacuating cats and even fired a few shots before passing out. Afterward, he was trained to be a soldier by his uncle, Forsyth, because his father was killed in the Twolegplace assault. His mother, Goodrich, also assisted in training. Travis was now 26 moons old. He had yet to find himself a mate, but he was still an experienced officer.

Billy the Kittypet's experience was from a different front. He was a criminal, who was well known for his strength and bravery. He had mated and had kits of his own, but, while he was conducting another crime, his family was attacked and all but one of his kits was murdered. The tragedy changed him, and he spent the next few weeks tracking the killer down. He found her in the woods and slit her throat with his knife. His surviving daughter, Natasha, always loved her father despite his wicked past. He taught her how to fight PetClan style, but she was still a kit when she took part in the siege on Twolegplace.

Alongside them was a she-cat named Houston. She was a former filibuster (a PetClan term for rogue) who was offered a spot in Billy's band of guncats after she was left behind by her party. Houston proved herself to be a very tough girl, having the wits of her commander. She was in the heat of battle more than once during the War against the Twolegs.

Among the Silverpelt Volunteers was a warrior named Moonnight. Moonnight was a PetClan celebrity due to her good-natured spirit. She even had her own diary, in which she recorded her past. She had shown little promise as a kit, and performed worse as an apprentice. How she got her warrior ceremony is anybody's guess, which was proven once again when she fell asleep during her vigil. She was now middle aged and had become a crack shot, even participating in shooting matches.

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The Garrison's Roster Edit

Thunderpath ArtilleryEdit

Almeron - M

Travis' LegionEdit

Travis - M

Billy's Ranger'sEdit

Billy the Kittypet - M

Natasha - F

Silverpelt Volunteers Division DetachmentEdit

Moonnight - F

Newleaf GuardEdit

Thornheart - F

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Treewick - F

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