The Blazing Inferno is the first book in the Firery Abyss Arc.


Only Clans that were seen or mentioned in the book will be shown in the Allegiances.


Leader:Whitestar-long-haired white tom.  Great-grandson of Whitestorm

Deputy:Lightpelt-pale tom with a gray snout(Apperentice:Venompaw)

Medicine Cat:Whitefur-a white she-cat with yellow eyes(Aperentice:Airpaw)

Warriors:Milclaw-golden tom with tiny black dots(Apperentice:Blackpaw)

Thunderstripe-cream she-cat with a dark stripe and blue eyes(Apperentice:Lightningpaw)

Lavastorm-ginger tom with a white tail and blue eyes(Apperentice:Magmapaw)

Clawfang-gray tom with light green eyes(Apperentice:Cheetahpaw)

Yellowface-dark brown she-cat with a cream snout(Apperentice:Lynxpaw)

Tigerstripe-dark orange tom with thick black stripes(Apperentice:Patchpaw)

Bluestorm-blue-gray she-cat with a white spot.  Great-granddaughter of Bluestar

Primrosetail-white she-cat with a gray paw and green eyes

Icetail-gleaming white tom with amber eyes

Queens:Peachtail a beautiful pale she-cat(Mother of Forestkit)

Grayflash-white she-cat with dark gray stripes(Mother of Silverkit)

Dustclaw-dusty-brown she-cat with green eyes(expecting kits)

Kits:Forestkit-black tom with a white tipped tail

Silverkit-sleek silver she-cat with green eyes

Apperentices:Cheetahpaw-pale tom with small black spot

Lynxpaw-cream she-cat with long ears an a short tail

Magmapaw-ginger she-cat with rare white stripes

Lightningpaw-golden-colored tom with a white-tipped tail

Patchpaw-cute tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes

Blackpaw- black tom with green eyes and white patches

Venompaw-golden tom with a white tail an venom-green eyes

Airpaw-white she-cat with gray spots 

Elders:Cougarstreak -cougar-colored tom with ginger paws and tail. retired due to permanent injury

Marbletail-a beautiful white she-cat with black AND ginger spots

Ripear-a small brown tom with only one ear

Cloudfrost-white tom with green eyes and a brown tail

Paleshell-peach colored tabby she-cat. The oldest cat in BayClan


Leader:Sunstar-golden tom with jet-black paws

Deputy:Reedclaw-battle-scarred ginger tom with a black snout

Medicine Cat:Mooncloud-bright white she-cat with golden eyes(Apperentice:Burnpaw)

Warriors:Silverspear-silvery she-cat with a black tipped tail

Whirltail-swirled tabby tom with a tortoiseshell tail

Blackfang-white tom with pitch-black fangs(Apperentice:Fangpaw)

Rockfur-tabby and tortoiseshell she-cat with a calico tail

Yellowclaw-gray tom with golden claws(Apperentice:Sparrowpaw)

Angleface-pure white she-cat with green eyes

Rivertooth-black and white tom with a gray snout(Apperentice:Goldenpaw)

Spottedfeather-beautiful spotted she-cat

Queens:Redflower-ginger she-cat with white paws(Mother of Lightkit)

Ravenpelt completely black she-cat(expecting kits)

Dawnfur-light brown she-cat with blue eyes(Mother of Blazekit and Hollykit)

Kits:Blazekit-flame colored ginger she-cat

Lightkit-pale tom with a gray tail 

Hollykit-dark brown she-cat

Apperentices:Goldenpaw-golden ginger tom

Burnpaw-ginger she-cat with black stripes

Sparrowpaw-light brown tom with blue eyes

Fangpaw-black tom with sharp fangs

Elders:Oakdawn-brown she-cat with amber eyes.The oldest cat in LightClan

Yellowriver-golden she-cat with a black tail and paws

Redwire-ginger tom with a white front paw


Leader:Dawnstar-Tabby tom with a white star on his back

Deputy:Ashtail-black tom with ginger spots on his tail

Medicine Cat:Blackspear-sleek black she-cat(Apperentice:Granitepaw)

Warriors:Whiskerheart-brown tom with blue eyes(Apperentice:Violetpaw)

Lionclaw-golden tom with a black snout

Onetail-white she-cat with a black tail

Ashpelt-dark brown she-cat with amber eyes(Apperentice:Wearypaw)

Silverleg-brown tom with silvery legs

Moonfang-beautiful white she-cat with gleaming white fangs(Apperentice:Rushingpaw)

Sunrest-golden-ginger tom with blazing eyes(Apperentice:Sunpaw)

Flashheart-light brown she-cat(Apperentice:Sparkpaw)

Powderfang-white tom with bright blue eyes

Maelstromriver-swirled tabby she-cat

Queens:Bronzetail-white she-cat with a shiny bronze-colored tail(Mother of Treekit)

Bluespark-blue-gray she-cat with light yellow eyes(Mother of Graykit)

Lightstorm-pale she-cat with green eyes(Mother of Venuskit)

Kits:Graykit-gray tom with a white-tipped tail

Venuskit-light golden tom

Treekit-light brown she-cat with green eyes

Apperentices:Granitepaw-gray tom with granite colored fur

Sparkpaw-pale tom with blue eyes

Rushingpaw-black tom with a white-tipped tail

Violetpaw-blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes and black paws and tail

Wearypaw-white she-cat

Sunpaw-golden tom with a white belly

Elders:Swiftflash-black tom with white stripes. The oldest cat in CometClan

Mapleleaf-tortoiseshell she-cat


Leader:Wrenstar-brown tom with green eyes

Deputy:Eaglerain-brown she-cat with black and gray patches and and big scar on her back

Medicine Cat:Cometlight-blue-gray she-cat with a white spot on her tail(Apperentice:Scrambledpaw)

Warriors:Blackstripe-white tom with a black stripe(Apperentice:Junglepaw)

Blazeflash-pale tom with gray paws and a black-tipped tail(Apperentice:Grassypaw)

Blueheart-blue-gray tom with a gray snout

Darktail-light gray she-cat with a black tail (Apperentice:Birpaw)

Waterclaw-tan tom with flashy yellow eyes(Apperentice:Tanglepaw)

Riverbolt-black tom with a blue-gray tail(Apperentice:Skypaw)

Poisonfur-golden she-cat with a black tipped tail

Queens:Thunderstorm-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes(Mother of Charredkit)

Hollyfang-black she-cat with yellow eyes(Mother of Gypsumkit and Elmkit)

Kits:Charredkit-dark brown she-cat with a ginger-tipped tail

Gypsumkit-white tom with black paws and green eyes

Elmkit-striped tom with golden eyes

Apperentices:Grassypaw-golden tom with blue eyes

Skypaw-white she-cat with amber eyes

Scrambledpaw-gray tabby tom with green eyes

Birpaw-long-haired black and white she-cat

Tangledpaw-black tom with amber eyes

Junglepaw-golden tom with blue eyes

Elders:Streakstripe-white she-cat with black stripes. The oldest cat in MeadowClan


Leader:Navystar-blue-gray tom with amber eyes

Deputy:Lightningflash-golden she-cat with black stripes(Apperentice:Starrypaw)

Medicine Cat:Angeltail-black she-cat with a white tail and paws(Apperentice:Icepelt)

Warriors:Robinsong-black she-cat with a white snout and a ginger belly

Crowwing-pitch-black tom with golden eyes(Apperentice:Diamondpaw)

Yellowspike-black she-cat with a yellow tail

Darkleaf-brown tom with gray paws and a black snout

Razorsplash-white tom with pure white fangs and a black-tipped tail(Apperentice:Rockypaw)

Dragonclaw-golden she-cat with green eyes and white paws

Frostwind-icy bluish tom with black fangs and brown paws(Apperentice:Emberpaw)

Shadowwing-a black tom with blackish eyes(Apperentice:Heronpaw)

Queens:Firepelt-flame-colored she cat(Mother of Topazkit)

Moonbreeze-white she-cat with blue eyes(Mother of Sapphirekit)

Kits:Topazkit-shining tom

Sapphirekit-white-blue she-cat with green eyes

Apperentices:Diamondpaw-white tom with yellow eyes

Rockypaw-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Icepelt-icy-white tom

Emberpaw-black tom with ginger-lined paws and tail

Starrypaw-black she-cat with unusual white spots

Heronpaw-gray she-cat with green eyes

Elders:Blue-Eyes-white she-cat with blue eyes. The oldest cat in TimberClan


Leader:Twigstar-brown tom white bright yellow eyes

Deputy:Twistedfeather-tabby tom with light blue eyes, white paws, and a twisted front paw

Medicine Cat:Emeraldleaf-calico she-cat with green eyes(Apperentice:Starpaw)

Warriors:Firecrimson-ginger tom with a white front paw(Apperentice:Hazelpaw)

Stormeye-gray tom with a white tail

Herbrise-blue gray she-cat

Dappledfur-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes(Apperentice:Ninjapaw)

Blazeheart-pale orange tom with green eyes

Embersky-black and ginger she-cat(Apperentice:Dingopaw)

Tigerpelt-dark orange she-cat

Wolfstrike-long-haired gray tom with black stripes

Queens:Dawnfrost-tortoiseshell she-cat(Mother of Totemkit, Nightkit and Poppykit)

Kits:Totemkit-swirled she-cat with blue eyes

Poppykit-black and white she-cat

Nightkit-a black tom with emerald green eyes

Apperentices:Hazelpaw-brown tom with yellow eyes

Ninjapaw-black tom

Dingopaw-light orange she-cat

Starpaw-black she-cat with white spots

Frostpaw-white tom with green eyes

Elders:Bronzeflower-brown she-cat

Yellowpelt-gray tom, the oldest cat in WoodsClan


Leader:Magicstar-tortoiseshell tom with a white-tipped tail and golden belly

Deputy:Sunleaf-golden she-cat with green eyes

Medicine Cat:Starfield-black tom with golden spots

Warriors:Cometbreeze-black she-cat with a white tail

Frostwind-frosty white she-cat with bluish eyes

Pepperpelt-calico she-cat with black back paws

Blazestorm-ginger tom with black spots

Flamestep-black tom with a golden and ginger-tipped tail

Leopardslash-golden tom with leopard-like spots

Lionpelt-golden tom with a long bushy tail

Applefur-gray tom with green eyes

Queens:Tigerfang-white she-cat with ginger stipes(Mother of Mistkit)

Nyanpelt-brown she-cat with a black paw and white paw(Mother of Speckledkit and Burningkit)

Roosterflight-dappled tortoiseshell she-cat

Kits:Mistkit-white and blue-gray tom

Speckledkit-a tom with blazing eyes and a distinct speckled pattern

Burningkit-ginger she-cat with blueish eyes

Apperentices:Beaverpaw-brown tom with a unusually flat tail

Hummingbirdpaw-slender black she-cat with long legs and white paws

Hawkpaw-gray and brown tom with yellow eyes 

Thunderpaw-gray tom with black paws and tail

Elders:Lightfur-gray tom with yellow eyes

Smokeclaw-black she-cat with ginger eyes

Dustfang-brownish tom.  the oldest cat in MythicalClan


Leader:Viperstar-brown she-cat with green viper-like eyes

Deputy:Powderpelt-white she-cat with blue eyes(Apperentice:Oakpaw)

Medicine Cat:Shrewfur-brown tom with black patches and golden eyes

Warriors:Boulderclaw-gray and black tom with blue eyes

Brackenfang-golden tom with a black tail and a white snout

Emberleaf-black she-cat with blazing eyes

Peppertail-brown tom with a ginger tail

Maplepelt-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes(Apperentice:Tawnypaw)

Bramblefur-rare calico tom with a black tail with white stripes(Apperentice:Saltypaw)

Leopardheart-black she-cat with brown and white spots

Cindertail-dark brown she-cat

Queens:Shadowclaw-blackish she-cat with golden eyes(Mother of Aspenkit and Loonkit)

Kits:Aspenkit-she-cat with a speckled pattern

Loonkit-black and white tom with golden eyes

Apperentices:Oakpaw-brown tom with a white-tipped tail

Tawnypaw-tortoiseshell tom with white paws and blue eyes

Saltypaw-white tom with little black dots and green eyes

Elders:Mistyheart-grayish she-cat who's blind in one eye, the oldest cat in ViperClan

Maelstromfrost-bluish tom with green eyes




Medicine Cat:Windstream























Leader:Smolder-ginger and white tom

Deputy:Chomp-black tom with a spike studded collar, formerly a kittypet(Apperentice:Pounce)

Medicine Cat:Claw-color point she-cat with blazing red eyes

Warriors:Leopard- she-cat with a distinctive leopard pattern and reinforced claws

Smackdown-overweight tom with long teeth and claws(Apperentice:Pepper)

Killer-white an black tom with a studded collar reinforced with alligator teeth, formerly a kittypet

Maelstrom-ginger tom with yellow eyes

Apperentices:Pounce-brown she-cat with a nick in one ear

Pepper-black and ginger she-cat

                                                                   Cats outside ClansEdit

Leopardstrike-a white and golden she-cat, formerly of WoodsClan

Callie-a brown she-cat with darker brown stripes, a kittypet

Jingles-a white tom with gray patches, Callie's first born, a kittypet, lives next door to Callie

Red-a completely ginger tom, he lives in a cave and is usually grumpy

Tornado-a she-cat kittypet with swirled markings, formerly of OutClan, lives across from Callie and Jingles

Sunny-a cute golden she-cat, a kittypet

Ambush-a light gray tom, formerly of OutClan

Zoe-long-haired gray tabby she-cat with feathery ears, Callie's sister, a kittypet

                                                   Other StuffEdit

                                                                             Births and DeathsEdit


Mangokit-golden tom with ginger patches

Firewhisker-ginger tom with black paws

Maplekit-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Sugarpaw-gray she-cat with a black tail

Brownkit-brown tom with blue eyes

Mosskit-white and brown she-cat

Heartkit-ginger and orange tom


Twigstar(Killed by Dappledfur)


Brownkit(Heat Exaustion)

Smackdown(Killed by Tornado)

Dustfang(Old Age)

Smolder(Killed by Cheetahspots)

Blackflight(Killed by Venommist)

Venommist(Killed by Cheetahspots)


Reedclaw LightClan


Tigerstripe BayClan

Images  Edit




Rushingpaw CometClan


Mooncloud LightClan


Blackspear CometClan


Sunstar LightClan




Graykit CometClan


Hollykit LightClan


Blackpaw BayClan

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