"The Blooming Rose" is a warriors story created by the user Magic-is-cute. It takes place after the events of "An Enemy Underneath".


Leopardpaw was standing in wide field with a beautiful starry sky over it. It looked very close to the NectarClan camp and prey sent filled the area. A gray tom came walking up to Leopardpaw.

"Who are you" Mewed Leopardpaw.

"I am Graypelt, the former medicine cat of NectarClan." Answered the tom.

"Wait, I think I remember you."  Moewed Leopardpaw.

"Didn't you tell me I should become a medicine cat?" Asked the apprentice.

"Yes, but I'm afraid StarClan has made a mistake" Replyed Graypelt.

"A mistake? What do you mean?" Mewed Leopardpaw.

"Well, your not the cat StarClan intended to be a medicine cat, a diferent appentice is." Meowed Graypelt.

"You can still contenue your medicine cat training if you want" Asured Graypelt.

"Well, I think I whould be happier as a warrior, than a medicine cat and Whitesky will be getting a new apprentice soon anyway, and I don't think she could handle two" Meowed Leopardpaw.

"That's alright, remember, Leopardpaw, you can always be fine if you fallow your heart" Purred Graypelt.

Leopardpaw woke up in the middle of the night. It had all been a dream, but it was more than a dream, Leopardpaw had been spoken to by StarClan. Leopardpaw went back to sleep, prepared to tell Whitesky about her dream in the morning.

Chapter OneEdit

"Leopardpaw, wake up!" Meowed Rosepaw as she was nudging Leopardpaw. Leopardpaw epened her eyes and sprang to her paws. She had completly forgoten about the dream she had last night.

"Leopardpaw!" Called Whitesky as she was walking into the apprentice den.

"Leopardpaw, it's time for your training" Purred Whitesky.

The memory of the dream sudenly poped into Leopardpaw's mind at the mention of her medicine cat training.

"Come, Leopardpaw. You have already been asleep too long, let's not whast any more of the day." Meowed Whitesky.

Whitesky and Leopardpaw walked out of the apprentice den. They were walking past the nursery, where Leopardpaw saw Ferndapple visiting Tansyfur, and overheard a convertion they were having.

"I heard the news of last night's clan meet from Yarrowtail. She said that Pineheart and Stonefang were killed by rouges." Mewed Ferndapple.

Leopardpaw took intrest in their convtion and stayed to listen, whille Whitesky contenued to walk, unaware that Leopardpaw wasn't fallowing.

"So, if stonefang is dead, then who's MountainClan's new deputy?" Asked Tansyfur.

"I heard that Vinetail is." Answered Ferndapple.

"Leopardpaw, come here now!" Growled Whitesky.

Leopardpaw quickly sprang to Whitesky.

Chapter TwoEdit

Foxstar was lieing stretched out in front of the entrence of a broken Twoleg nest. Waterdrop, his newly apionted deputy padded over to him and sat beside him.

"Foxstar, don't you find it strange that Thornleap and four of our apprentices went missing before the clan meet?" Mewed Waterdrop.

"Waterdrop, you know that Thornleap was captured and killed by rouges" Replyed Foxstar.

"Yes, but before she went missing, she told me she had something important to show Wrenpaw, Marigoldpaw, Magpiepaw, and Phesantpaw." Mewed Waterdrop.

"Well, that's probably when the rouges atacked her." Moewed Foxstar.

"Yeah, but what was her perticuler interest in those apprentices?" Mewed the FieldClan deputy.

"They were her kits." Answered Foxstar.

"Yeah, but she wasn't their mentors, and Marigoldpaw was training to be medicine cat. I think she was keeping something from us." Meowed Waterdrop.

"That does sound strange, but some things are better left unnone." Replyed Foxstar.

Chatper ThreeEdit

Whitesky and Leopardpaw walked into the medicine cat den.

"Whitesky, last night I had a dream." Mewed Leopardpaw.

Whitesky turned her head towards Leopardpaw.

"A dream? Was is a message from StarClan?" Asked Whitesky.

"Well, yeah. They said that I wasn't ment to be medicine cat, but they also said that another one of our apprentices is." Answered Leopardpaw.

"Did they say which one?" Asked Whitesky.

"No." Mewed Leopardpaw.

Whitesky peeked out of the medicine cat den a rose bush with a one single rosebud on it. The bud was blooming right before Whitesky's eyes as if time had sped up. "It's too late for roses to be growing, so this must be a sign from StarClan" Thought Whitesky.

"I think I know who the right cat is." Meowed the white medicine cat.

Chapter FourEdit