Book 2 of "Hero of the Night" Main Characters are: Burnedstar, Stormheart, Mingfeather, Wavekit, and Burnkit.

Book 2: The Storm and the CalmEdit


A black tom and a calico she-cat padded around the area. The old jade eyes of the calico scaned the area for any sign of other cats. "You've kept this place safe Burnedstar." meowed the calico she-cat. The black tom nodded, "Thanks. But FrostClan will surely strike soon." The two cats continued their walk ducking in and out of site from time to time. "Theres nothing else out here Burnedstar. Stormheart must be worried about you." The black tom stopped and turned, "Your right. Wavekit and Burnkit are going to be apprenticed soon. Lets head back." The two cats padded off un-knowing of a hidden figure watching them from the bushes.

Chapter 1: Rise of the SunEdit

A small snow storm picked up. The ground was covered in the white, frozen water. A beauttiful blue and white she-cat was watching two kits running around. "Mom!" The brown and grey kit meowed, "Burnkit's bugging me!" "Am not Wavekit!" the small black-ish and red she-kit meowed. Wavekit turned to his sister and bolted to Stormheart, his and Burnkit's mother. Stormheart giggled and grabbed both kits, "You two are going to be apprentices. You need to work together if this clan is to stay strong." The kits mubbled as Stormheart gave them a bath.

Mingfeather and Burnedstar returned to camp. Lightpaw and Rosepaw ran to Mingfeather and asked many questions. Cocoheart called the young apprentice, Rosepaw, back to her, "Yes Cocoheart." The light red kit ran back to her mentor and they padded outside of camp. Wildclaw padded over to Mingfeather and asked, "Lightpaw bothering you?" Mingfeather smiled and meowed, "No not at all." The yellow-ish dark grey she cat looked up at her mentor, "But can't I stay a little longer Wildclaw?" Wildclaw shook his head and meowed, "We have training to do, Lightpaw." Lightpaw sighed and followed her mentor. Burnedstar lied next to Stormheart and whispered, "How are they?" Stormheart looked at him and meowed, "Their doing fine." Burnedstar smiled and licked his mate, "They are almost old enough to be apprentices... Do you want to mentor one?" Stormheart nodded and meowed, "It'd be an honor." Burnedstar smiled and lifted himself to his paws. He left the nursery and called for Echoclaw, Wingfur, and Winterfur. They came at his call and asked, "Whats the matter?"

"I need you all to go and take a patrol." Burnedstar meowed. Winterfur nodded and mewed for Echoclaw and Wingfur to follow. The three left camp. Burnedstar padded back to his den and thought of who would mentor Wavekit when their 6th moon came. Mingfeather padded into his den and asked, "How do you feel?" "I should be asking you that Mingfeather." Burnedstar meowed softly. Mingfeather nodded and meowed, "Another day, another creeky bone. Whats on your mind?" Burnedstar turned to her and asked, "Would you like to mentor Wavekit?" Mingfeather tilted her head and meowed, "Im old but sure. I could us an apprentice." Burnedstar meowed his thanks and turned back to nest. He lied in it but held his sad look. Mingfeather asked once more, "How are you feeling?" Burnedstar looked up and meowed, "A little old. I kinda wish Soulstar would still be here, ordering the clan around, and go hunting with her friends." Soulstar was the leader before Burnedstar. Her grey pelt was the reason for her name being Soulstar. Mingfeather nodded and meowed, "She was taken before her time.. but you sent her killer to the dark forest. So there was some good in that day." Burnedstar nodded his agreement and asked Mingfeather to give him time alone. She agreed to the order and left his den.

The sun rose on the mountain and light stretched across NightClan. Stormheart looked at the shadows as the disappeared. She called Wavekit and Burnkit to her. They came in a flash. Stormheart took them into the nursery and set them down, "Its nap time." Wavekit nodded and fell asleep but Burnkit groaned, "I dont like nap time!" "Your the only daughter of Burnedstar, Burnkit. If you want to be like him then get some rest." Stormheart softly meowed. Burnkit snored one last time before passing out next to her brother.

Chapter 2: Opened woundsEdit

Burnedstar lied in his den, mind spinning with thoughts of old. He stopped on the memory of Soulstar, her grey fur pressed against his. His eyes dulled and he passed out. When Burnedstar opened his eyes he saw that he was in MountainStarClan, "Welcome." A old voice meowed behind him. Burnedstar turned to see Soulstar, her grey fur was lighter than he remembered but her black star symbol was still visable. "How have you been?" He asked in his dream. Soulstar sat next to him and meowed, "Im fine, though I wish I was still with the clan." "I half you were too." Burnedstar meowed. Soulstar nodded and asked, "Do you like being leader?" Burnedstar turned his head and meowed, "Yes. Its a responsibility that not many can handle." Soulstar nodded again.

The mountainess range shifted and turned into the feild of StreamClan, "A new leader will arise soon. Two new leaders and a new clan." Burnedstar looked at Soulstar and wanted to ask her what she meant though the chose against it. The terain shifted again to the woods of LightingClan. Soulstar pointed with her tail to a small bush, covered in blood. Burnedstar looked over to see the small body of a kit, claw marks runnign through its neck. Burnedstar backed away and the terain shifted once more. They were in FrostClan. Blackfeather was lying around while Darkshadow was growling orders. A large dark brown tom with tiger stripes littering his back stepped forward and growled his orders to Darkshadow. She nodded and padded of. "That is Demonstar." Soulstar meowed. Burnedstar looked at the massive leader and knew that if they fought, Burnedstar would lose. Soulstar reasured him with a flick of her tail and the dream returned to the mountains.

"Why would you show me all that?" Burnedstar asked. Soulstar answered, "A time has come for a new clan to rise and an old foe to die. A rise in the fear and drop in the night. Be calm and strong, the time is coming." Burnedstar watched the land turn red and began to steam. The steam turned to smoke and the land caught fire. Burnedstar looked around for Soulstar but she had vanished. He closed his eyes and opened them to the rocks of his den, Stormheart sleeping beside him. "What did she mean?" Burnedstar thought in his head. He moved slow enough for Stormheart to stay asleep. He padded out of his den into the dark coolness of the night. The last patrol, headed by Winterfur came in. "How are you Burnedstar?" Winterfur ask worriedly. "Im fine, it was just a long dream." Burnedstar meowed calming his old friend. Winterfur nodded and sighed. Cocoheart greeted him into the warriors den. Burnedstar could tell that Cocoheart and Winterfur were very much in love. He gave a sigh and padded to the fresh kill pile. He picked out a small vole and mouse and carried them back to the den. Stormheart started to wake when he came back, "Hi Burnedstar." She meowed sheepishly. "Hello Stormheart, I brought food." Burnedstar meowed. He and Stormheart ate with their tails cruled around eachother. Stormheart sighed and asked, "What was your dream about?"

"I saw Soulstar again." Burnedstar meowed. Stormheart nodded and left his den after giving him a lick or four. Burnedstar knew that he had made the right choice making her his mate. He lied his head back down and wanted to sleep, but an eiree holw from the wind echoed in his den. The wind started to sound like it was talking, in the voice of Coldstar. The wind stopped and only the echos of his thoughts in his own mind could be heard. How strange that Coldstar would still have some power even in death.

The night past slowly and Burnedstar remained on edge. He padded out of his den, the moon light still beaming down on the camp. His eyes twitched this way and that. He turned his head and spotted a ghostly figure of Coldstar standing on top of the leaders den. Burnedstar jumped up to the ghost but it faded away before he could reach it. It re-appeared on this time in the form of Soulstar. Burnedstar jumped over to it to see that this Soulstar was missing half its body. Her bones and intestine could easily be seen. It to vanished and Burnedstar found himself surrounded by ghosts. He started to panic but then two ghosts jumped and stood by him. It was Night and Shadeflower, Soulstar's parents.

Chapter 3: The tales of oldEdit

Burnedstar looked at Night and asked, "W-Why are you guys here?" Night craned his head and let out a cursed yowl. All but Night and Shadeflower disappeared. "We have come Burnedstar to ask a favor of you." Burnedstar shook with fear and excitment. Shadeflower's voice was softer than that of Night's, "Though Coldstar has fallen, danger still lurks in FrostClan. Be careful of your family and friends." Night growled but suddenly vanished. A black tom stepped forward and hissed, "Coldstar's killer!" Burnedstar backed a bit and remember the cat. It was Blackfeather. Blackfeather jumped on Burnedstar and started to claw him. The dream ended with Blackfeather meowing over his victory.

Burnedstar woke outside his den. A very faint rain fall started down on the camp. When he stood up he realized the camp was more quite than before. Stormheart came out of the nursery and meowed, "Something wrong?" Burnedstar turned to Stormheart and whispered, "One heck of a dream...." Stormheart gave Burnedstar a lick and asked, "Why dont you tell me about your dream, over some fresh kill." Burnedstar nodded and grabbed two fat mice, which were un-comon in winter time. Setting them down, Burnedstar told Stormheart about seeing Coldstar, Soulstar's demonic like appearence, Night and Shadeflower, and the way Blackfeather attacked him. Stormheart gave nods here and there but listened very closly. When he finished his tale, Stormheart asked, "Why would they tell you such a terrible thing?" "I hardly know why they came to me in the first place," Burnedstar meowed nervously, "but it must be something to do with FrostClan."

The night passed slowly for Stormheart and Burnedstar. Wavekit and Burnkit were making squeaks and yowls all throughout the night. When the day opened through the clouds, the clan appeared to be more lively. Echoclaw, Wingfur, and Wildclaw had returned from a hunt. Cocoheart and Winterfur were talking about their past, while Blazeheart and Blazehowl were talking about the apprentices Rosepaw, and Lightpaw. Stormheart and Burnedstar woke to Wavekit and Burnkit's play fighting. Burnedstar grabbed Burnkit and set her by Stormheart, and took Wavekit over by a corner. "But dad! Burnkit started it!" Wavekit whined. Burnkit hissed, "Did not!" Stormheart hushed Burnkit and Burnedstar took Wavekit outside. Echoclaw looked at Wavekit and Burnedstar and laughed, "Did this little guy do something wrong?" Wavekit wriggled free and ran to Echoclaw, "Hi buddy!" Burnedstar smiled and asked, "Echoclaw, would you and Mingfeather like to mentor Wavekit?" Echoclaw nodded and meowed, "She can teach, I'll be the assitant." Burnedheart smiled and called for a clan meeting.

Stormheart sat with Burnkit and Wavekit sat with Echoclaw and Mingfeather. Burnedstar started with Wavekit, "Wavekit. This is your sixth moon. Do you swear to learn all you can?" Wavekit jumped up and down, meowing, "Of course!" Burnedstar smiled and meowed, "Then by the lights of MountainStarClan and the power in me, I, Burnedstar, name you Wavepaw. Now Burnkit, your sixth moon is today too. Do you also swear to learn as much as you can?" Burnkit gave a little smirk and meowed, "I swear it." Burnedstar nodded and repeated what he had said with Wavepaw. Burnpaw and Wavepaw smiled and laughed with eachother.