Today was the day.The day Firekit is gonna become an apprentice.

Redstar: All cats old enough to catch their own food join here beneath the highrock fo a clan meeting.

As the cats gathered around Firekit was bursting with excitement!

Firekit:Mom can I go to the clearing now?!

Birdclaw:Yes Firekit but, how do you know that it's your ceremony?

Firekit:I just know it is.

Eaglefur walks and sits next to Dawnflower a thunderclan queen.

Dawnflower: Eaglefur, congrats to Firekit what is she going to be?

Eaglefur:Well ,she has been insisting on becoming a medicine cat.

Dawnflower:*lets out mrrow of laughter* I guess Leafheart will have an apprentice on her paws!

Redstar:Today is the day when young Firekit will become an apprentice.

Redstar:Also today will will be the warrior ceremony of Bluepaw and Foxpaw.

Redstar:And last today will be the deputy ceremony because of the death of Sunleap,killed by Dogtooth a Riverclan warrior.

Gasps of terror rose from the crowd. Dogtooth was a massive white and black tabby who would strike fear into the hearts of even the bravest clan warrior.

The ceremonies went and Firekit got her name as medicine cat apprentice:Firepaw.

The deputy was Blackear known for his black ears

Redstar:You are all dismissed from the meeting

And as for Firepaw she was excited but, starclan chose her to be a warrior for a reason.