The New Apprentice in the first book in the NectarClan book series.

Chapter 1Edit

Shrewstar, the NectarClan leader assigns Crowclaw, Redwing, Rushfur, and Fishscale to go hunting. Redwing and his Apprentice, Fernpaw go by the river to hunt. Redwing teaches Fernpaw how to fish, Fernpaw tries and catches a very small fish. Redwing congratulates Fernpaw for her catch, then Redwing hears a water shrew from a distance and leaps at it then grabing it with his jaws. Redwing and Fernpaw walk to the camp with there prey. Fernpaw notises Crowclaw returning with a rabit in his mouth and Fishscale returning with two plump mice in his. Fernpaw feals useless, since all she brought was a little fish.

Chapter 2Edit

Fernpaw wakes up in the apprentice den and sees that she woke up ealier the averone else in camp, so she decides to go hunting to enpress her metor. When she steps out of the den she sees a mouse, leaps at it and kills it, but as she is walking off with it, she smells the sent of an unfaniliar cat coming from a tansy patch. She runs to tell Shrewstar.

Chapter 3Edit

Fernpaw returns with Shrewstar and Paletail, the NectarClan deputy. Paletail leaps into the flowers finds a six moon old cat. When the cat sees Paletail it scars her left ear, after that Paletail think of the cat as a threat to the clan and starts to atact it, but Shrewstar walks in and tells Paletail that fighting the cat would be unnesessary. Shrewstar asks the cat what her name is. The cat says her name is Carrol. Shrewstar asks Carrol why she is in NectarCan camp. Carrol says she's here because she was abandoned by her housefolk and decided to live in the forest and saw a rabbit go into the tansy patch and chased after it and killed it, then she explained that why she atacted Paletail was because she thought she whould steal the rabbit. Carrol then drags out the rabbit. Shrewstar is empresed by Carrol's hunting and fighting abilities and asks Carrol if she wants to join the clan. Carrol says yes and Shrewstar makes Carrol an aprentice and changes name to Tansypaw because she was found in a patch of tansy flowers, and assighns Crowcraw to be Tansypaw's mentor.