Chapter One: Brightheart's First Death Edit

The loop all began when Cloudtail's beloved mate, Brightheart, had died in the battle versus ShadowClan. Enraged by her death, Cloudtail and Whitepaw killed any warrior standing in their way, therefore winning the battle.

Brightheart was a white she-cat with ginger patches along her back and a ginger tail. Her ears were shredded from the time the dogs had attacked, claw marks on her muzzle, a missing eye, and lost fur on the missing eye's side of her face. Her eyes were blue.

Cloudtail and Whitepaw were both white, but Cloudtail had blue eyes and Whitepaw had green.

Firestar looked back into his memories and remembered the day Brightheart's face had been ruined. She was on the border of ThunderClan and StarClan, and named Lostface. Bluestar had been so cruel!

"Brightheart!" Cloudtail had yowled. He and Whitepaw had sat vigil for Brightheart and buried her themselves, refusing to let the elders bury their beloved family member. There was sadness in the air, and Cloudtail nor Whitepaw could concentrate on what really needed to be done.

Brightheart's spirit was sent to StarClan, and she returned as one of Squirrelflight's kits, Brightkit, along with Sparkkit and Alderkit. Her old body stayed dead, but her spirit lived on.

Chapter Two: An Early Death Edit

Cloudtail and Whitepaw liked watching Squirrelflight in the nursery. There were three kits: Brightkit, Sparkkit, and Alderkit. Brightkit looked just like the original Brightheart when she was a kit. Sparkkit was the other she-kit, and was orange with green eyes. Alderkit, the tom, was dark ginger with amber eyes. Brightkit was so unlike her parents and littermates.

It was only luck Cloudtail and Whitepaw and Whitepaw's mentor Brackenfur were out on a hunting patrol when Brightkit was invited into the medicine den by Leafpaw while Cinderpelt was out gathering herbs. When Leafpaw was treating a thorn in Spiderleg's paw, Brightkit snuck into the medicine piles and found some yummy-looking red berries in a corner. Brightkit didn't eat them, and stayed out of trouble.

Her death was when a badger snuck into the camp and killed her. It was leaf-bare, after all. She was buried next to Brightheart, but her spirit stayed alive.

Chapter Three: Dying Apprentice Edit

The third Brightheart lived longer than Brightkit and shorter than Brightheart (the first one). She lived to become Brightpaw, Leafpool's new apprentice, and was born

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