The Shadowed Woods is created by Cleverpelt It is the Dark Forest-esque place in my stories.

About the Shadowed Woods:Edit

The Shadowed Woods is an evil place where evil cats go when they die. It is a dark place with leafless trees west of StarClan.

Reasons to go to the Shadowed Woods:Edit

  • Killing without a good reason
  • Training there as an apprentice without knowing it's evil
  • Kill for selfish reasons
  • A lasting grudge with a StarClan cat
  • Eating prey without bringing it back to camp 7 times
  • Destroying growing herbs
  • Meet a cat from another Clan for evil reasons
  • Attack your Clan

Known Shadowed Woods cats:Edit

Bramblethorn-SunClan-Dark brown tabby tom with green eyes. Tried to rule the Clans with blood and fire.

Blackstorm-SunClan-Black tom with amber eyes. Met a MoonClan cat. Led rouge attack on camp.

Speedclaw-MoonClan-Swift silver tabby tom with blue eyes. Met SunClan cat.

Winterpetal-MoonClan-White she-cat with fierce grey eyes. Killed Rusttail, SunClan deputy, and Cleverpelt, SunClan elder.

Strongfeet-WaterClan-Gray tom with yellow eyes. Killed Braveheart, SunClan deputy.

Eveningstar-MoonClan-Silver-golden she-cat with amber eyes, formally Jingle, when rouge. Killed Rosestar, SunClan leader.