Mooncloud: Stormfeather they are awake!

Stormfeather: The kits are awake I cant wait to see them!

Stormfeather ran into the nursery to see his 3 kits

Mooncloud: Here they are Crystalkit Silverkit and Frostkit

Stormfeather: They are so cute!

Mooncloud: Yes they are one day i hope they all become great warriors

Stormfeather: Me too

Many Moons Later at 6 moons

Redstar: Silverkit Crystalkit and Frostkit i now present you with Apprentice names!

Silverkit: Yay!

Frostkit: Awesome!

Crystalkit: cant wait!

Redstar: I now pronounce you 3 as Silverpaw Frostpaw and Crystalpaw

All cats: Yay Silverpaw Frostpaw and Crystalpaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crystalpaw: Who is our Mentors

Redstar: Silverpaw your Mentor is Sorrelpool

Silverpaw: so my mentor is a Medicine Cat!?!

Redstar: Yes Silverpaw

Silverpaw: Awesome!

Crystalpaw: Awwwww i wanted a medicine cat Mentor

Frostpaw: I want to be a warrior Medicine Cats do nothing!

He spat at the ground

Redstar: Crystalpaw your Mentor is Cocofur

Crystalpaw: Grr fine

Redstar: Frostpaw you get Sunfur

Frostpaw: Yesss she is the strongest here!

Flowerpelt: Now since you all are Apprentices you all can explore outside the camp

Mooncloud: But do not go too far

All: Ok mom

Chapter 1: Badger Attack! Edit

The Two Apprentices were walking around outside the camp looking around to see all of the stuff they haven't seen inside the camp

Fang: The new apprentices are here Moonstar would love to see them trespassing

Crystalpaw: so lucky!

Frostpaw: What is it Crystalpaw

Crystalpaw: Silverpaw gets to be a medicine cat but i have to be a warrior!

Frostpaw: Being a warrior is awesome!

Crystalpaw: Sure sure sure but medicine cats get to heal cats and keep them safe

Frostpaw: But warriors battle!

Shadepelt: Where do you think your going!

Frostpaw: A Tunnelclan Warrior!

Crystalpaw: Lets take him on!

Frostpaw: We can mousebrain we are too small!

Shadepelt: Your brother is not wrong you wont beat me!

Crystalpaw: Yes we will!

Crystalpaw lunges at Shadepelt

Shadepelt: WHY YOU LITTLE!

Windwhisper: Go back to where you came from Shadepelt!

Shadepelt: Windwhisper we meet again!

Windwhisper: Shadepelt I said go home!

Shadepelt: I wont!

Windwhisper attacks Shadepelt!

Badger: I hear cats!

Badger 2: Lets tell the leader

Solarus: Tell me what

Badger: There are four cats on our side!

Solarus: Go show those cats a lesson NOW!

Badger: Yes my Queen

Badger 2: EVERYONE ATTACK MISTCLAN AND TUNNELCLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badgers: LETS GO!

All the Badgers run to both clans

At Tunnelclan

Moonstar: WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soulpaw: BADGERS!

Darkcloud: EVERYBODY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blackshade: Calm Down!

Badger: Hahahahahahahaha

At Mistclan

Redstar: This is Fox Dung!

Badger 2: Redstar we meet again!

Redstar: Get out!

Flowerpelt: Redstar ill get the kits and the elders to a safe place

Redstar: Thank you Flowerpelt

Badger 2: Prepare to face your death!

Redstar: Never!

Silverpaw: Badgers....

Sorrelpool: Stay back Silverpaw its dangerous!

Silverpaw: um...ok

Sneakywhisker: Gaah Badgers!

Cinderpaw: Oh no!

Redstar is attacking the badgers on her own until.....

Silverpaw: REDSTAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redstar collapses in blood then....Silverpaws eyes glow revealing her future

Silverpaw: What...

Flowerpelt: LEAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Badger 2: Yes ok ok we will go

Bager 3: she scares me!

The Badgers run off

Silverpaw: What happened there....

Chapter 2: Silverpaw your apart of the Prophecy! Edit

Later in the medicine cat den

Moontail Starclan Message: Silverpaw......Silverpaw....

Silverpaw: Huh where am i!

Moontail Starclan Message: You are in Starclan

Silverpaw: This is...Starclan...

Moontail: Yes this is Starclan

Silverpaw: WAIT AM I DEAD!

Moontail: No your asleep I took you here.

Silverpaw: Oh good I thought I was dead

Moontail: Well you aren't

Silverpaw: But wait who are you?

Moontail: That's not important right now!

Silverpaw: But....

Moontail: Listen to me Silverpaw you must lead the clan to retreat!

Silverpaw: I don't know what that means!

Moontail: Trusts me you will....

Silverpaw: But wait!!!!!

Silverpaw wakes up so suddenly and it's morning

Silverpaw: What's morning

Frostpaw: Come on Silverpaw get up!

Crystalpaw: Yeah your gonna sleep the whole day away!

Silverpaw: Oh um..i'm coming!

Many Moons Later

Silverpaw: I'm back in this strange dream again....

Moontail: Silverpaw you have improved very much

Silverpaw: I know I know but who are you!

Moontail: That's for you to figure out

Silverpaw: Wait Wait!!!!!!!!!

Silverpaw wakes up in the morning

Silverpaw: Who is that cat....

Crystalheart: Sis it's time for you to go to the moonpool

Silverpaw: The moonpool oh my gosh I forgot about that!

Sorrelpool: Crystalheart please leave my den at once we have to get going.

Crystalheart: Yes Sorrelpool!

Crystalheart runs out the den