(Once there was a time in the forest where there were five clans. They called themselves ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and SkyClan. Twolegs took over SkyClan's territory. The other clans then drove SkyClan out. Many moons later, however, a new clan rose...)

Prolouge Edit

A shriek came from the nursery where a she-cat was kitting. Brackenstar paced outside the nursery, stressed. Then a small cat slipped out.

"Come meet your new daughters, Brackenstar." Purred the cat.

Brackenstar stood up and and shook the numbness from his body. It was leaf-bare, a bad season for new arrivals. His daughters would survive though. I will defend them with tooth and claw if I have too... He thought. He slipped inside the nursery. It was dark and cool inside. He padded down the short tunnel that led to his mate's chamber. He slowly walked inside the chamber, trying to stay strong at the sight of the adorable kits.

His mate, Shadow, was a former rouge. Shadow was a small black she-cat with amber eyes. Now, Shadow was laid comfortly in her nest with two small bundles at her belly. Brackenstar looked at each kit. The first and largest of the litter was a black she-cat like her mother. The second was a tortoishell, she was the youngest and smallest of the litter.

Just then, Shadow lifted her weary head and saw him.

"Brackenstar." She purred.

"Yes?" He purred back.

"I know what I'm going to name the black one." Shadow mewed.

"What's that?" Brackenstar asked.

"Stealthkit." Shadow replied, her eyes glowing.

Brackenstar nodded in agreement. He knew what he wanted to name the small tortoishell.

"And how about Mosskit for the other one?" He asked.

Shadow nodded. "That's fine." She replied. Then Shadow back down relaxing.

Little did Brackenstar know Shadow would want to be a rouge again and that clan life would be too much for Shadow...

Chapter 1: Kits! Edit

Mosskit and Stealthkit raced across the clearing together.

"Thunderclan warriors!" Mosskit squeled.

"Attack!" Stealthkit screeched.

Stealthkit tackled Mosskit.

"No!" Mosskit protested.

"Yes!" Stealthkit said, delighted.

Mosskit flipped Stealthkit off. Though with some difficulty, because Stealthkit was larger. Mosskit sprang free of of Stealthkit's grasp. She dashed off, with Stealthkit on her tail. They tumbled together all afternoon. Then they heard a voice call for them.

"Stealthkit, Mosskit, time to come eat!" The voice said.

Mosskit knew that voice!

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