The Three Clans
Made Of
Skyclan, Forestclan, Amberclan
Forest, Rivers, Streams
Current Leaders
Skyclan: Skystar

Forestclan: Snowstar

Amberclan: Amberstar
Conjoined with
The four clans (Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Riverclan, Windclan)

The Peaceful clan (Moonclan)

The Rouge clan (Fireclan)

The Three Clans Edit

"If you wish to fight, do so. But just so you know, you won't win this battle." Silverstar said to a Fireclan warrior.
The Three Clans are three clans led by 3 sisters that have supernatural abilities. They can change to immortal form back to cat form. These clans were originated to help the sisters to live in cat form.

Skyclan Edit

Skyclan is led by Skystar, a beautiful silver she-cat with blazing blue eyes. The deputy of Skyclan is Hailstorm. Skystar is a calm, wise, and very strong cat. Many lose against her. Her best friend is Mapleleaf, a senior warrior and very special to Skystar

Skyclan's camp area is in forests, which has a few streams and rivers. Squirrels, mice, voles, small birds, and some rabbits are prey that are often found in their hunting areas.

Forestclan Edit

Forestclan is led by Snowstar, a white she cat with cloudy blue eyes. The deputy of Forestclan is Tigerstripe. Snowstorm is a short-tempered cat but very strong when it comes to fighting. Her best friend is Scarlettfang, a senior warrior and very close to Snowstar.

Forestclan's camp area is in the forest, with only 2 streams and 1 river. The forest intersects with Silverclam's forest. Squirrels, magpies, mice, and birds are often found in their hunting areas

Amberclan Edit

Amberclan is led by Amberstar, a red furred cat with green eyes. The deputy of Amberclan is Reedwhisker. Amberstar mainly lets her deputy lead the clan and gives her responsibilities to others. She thinks that peace would be better than spilling blood. Her best friend is Whitewing, a senior warrior and very special to Amberstar.

Amberstar's camp area is near rivers and a small meadow. Their rivers intersects with Forestclan and Silverclan's. Fish, mice, voles, and small rabbits are often found in their hunting areas.

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