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The Tribe of Blistering Heat is by me. They live near oceans and seas and lots of geysers. Steelclaw I will beat Blackstorm 17:15, September 2, 2013 (UTC)


Teller Of The Pointed Stones-Black tom with green eyes


Mouse Scurrying Through Stones (Mouse)-Small dusky brown she-cat with amber eyes

Rabbit Hopping Around Forest (Rabbit)-White tom with yellow eyes; Mouse's brother

Steam Rising From Geyser (Steam)-Grey tom with blue eyes

Red Fox Running Through Trees (Red)-Ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes

Humid Air On Hot Day (Humid)-Yellow tabby she-cat with amber eyes; Red's sister


Gravel Falling Underground (Gravel)-Dusky grey tom with orange eyes

Pathway Into Cave (Pathway)-Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Black Sky In Storm (Black)-Black tom with grey eyes


Stream Flowing To Ocean (Stream)-Blue-grey she-cat with green eyes

Moss Growing On Stones (Moss)-Silver she-cat with green eyes; Stream's sister

Oak Tree With Leaves (Oak)-Brown tabby tom with green eyes; Stream and Moss's brother


Shell Washed Up By Sea (Shell)-Shiny blue-grey she-cat with amber eyes; nursing Fossil Dug Up By Claws (Fossil)

Hot Water Shooting Upwards (Hot)-Silver tabby she-cat with light blue eyes; nursing Rippling Waves In The Sea (Rippling) and Dark Wood On Cedar Trees (Dark)


Scar From Claw (Scar)-Grey battle-scarred tom with amber eyes; former cave-guard

Jagged Leaves On Trees (Jagged)-Brown tabby tom with lime green eyes

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