The Tribe of Crackling Thunder is created by me. Steelclaw I will beat Blackstorm 16:33, September 2, 2013 (UTC)


Teller Of The Pointed Stones-Ginger she-cat with blue eyes


Sky Where The Birds Soar (Sky)-White she-cat with black paws, ears, scruff, underbelly and tail with yellow eyes

Flame That Burns Brightly (Flame)-Orange tom with a scar on his leg and green eyes; blind

Pawstep On Silent Ground (Pawstep)-Very light grey, almost white she-cat with light green eyes

Crooked Branch Hanging Off Tree (Crooked)-Brown tabby she-cat with lime green eyes

Hawk Flying Through Air (Hawk)-Very dark brown tom with mysterious amber eyes; Sky's brother


Air Bashed Into Wind (Air)-Grey tabby she-cat with rippling fur and yellow eyes

Stone That Won't Roll (Stone)-Large bulky silver tabby tom with light blue eyes

Mysterious Feather Flying Softly (Mystery)-Black tom with luminous grey eyes

Steep Path Downhill (Steep)-Black tabby tom with amber eyes


Delicate Fern Growing Fast (Delicate)-Extremely light brown she-cat with leaf-green eyes

Wind Whirling During Storm (Wind)-White tom with grey eyes

Lion Prowling Through Trees (Lion)-Golden tom with teal eyes


Flower Gently Blooming (Flower)-Orange she-cat with green eyes; expecting Mystery's kits

Night Of Clear Day (Night)-Black she-cat with a white tail and blue eyes; nursing Sandy Ground On Shore (Sandy) and Rocky Ground On Cave Path (Rocky)


Fang From Tiger's Mouth (Fang)-Ginger tabby tom with amber eyes; former cave-guard

Salmon Leaping Through Air (Salmon)-Silver-pink tabby she-cat with orange eyes

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