Thistlestar was the leader of shadow clan, she has gray fur and green eyes. When she was a kit, she was usally made fun of because she was smaller than a normal cat. When she was a warrior, a bloodthirsty tom named typhoon took over shadowclan. After being forced to watch her father being slaughtered because he stood up to tyhoon, she challenged him to a fight. Dispte winning and becoming leader after that, she was not happy. Her clanmates who once loved her feared her, near the end of her last life, she decided that it was too much, her clan as falling apart and her clanmates thought she was a phyco, so she took her own life.

(Ps: i made the photo on aj, so its kinda crappy)


"I am sick and tired of being feared and hated! They should be grateful that i killed him.... Thats not right, you're turning evil.... They fear you because you did something wrong... I should of been killed instead of all those cats, I should of been killed instead of him" Thistlestar before committing suiside

"Silvermask, i know i trained you to fig but... I don't think you're uncontrollable visions are gonna help you fight, and even though they are not from Starclan, i think instead of making you do nothin, I should let you be a medicine cat" thistlestar making slivermask a medicene cat

"I-I-I'm sorry dad... I didn't know i was supposed to do that" Thistlekit apologizing to tinyclaw


*Thistlestar is not canon (duh)

*Thistlestar might be the only cat OC (maybe) to commi suiside

*Thistlestar suffers from depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder

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