"Thistlestar! Help!" Thistlestar treid to run over to the dieing cats but something was holding her back, she looked over to see what was keeping her down. A large tom with massive jaws was pinning her on the ground, "typhoon!" Thistlestar shreiked in fear "i thought you were dead!" The tom looked her straight in the eyes and said "I might be dead, but soon you'll be joining me" the tom bit into her throat, "No!" Thistlestar woke up, she was safe in her den and her clanmates were alright. Thistlestar walked to the medicine den, "Silvermask? Can i talk to you?" the silver gray she-cat stood up and looked at the leader. "Whats wrong? Bad dream?" The young cat said, lisping, "yeah" replied Thistlestar "What was it this time?" said Silvermask, "the same as the last one, tyhoon came back and killed us all" Thistlestar replied "Slivermask, do you think i'm going insane? Was i insane to start?" Silvermask gave her leader worried look and said " i-i-I don't know... But atleast you're safe, tyhoon wouldn't come back" Thistlestar looked at her old apprentice and said "okay" Thistlestar was a bit too scared to tell her the other things that were going on in her head 'I wish she would understand' Thistlestar said in her head. She just wished she would become sane again.