Thistletail BlazeClan
Clan(s) BlazeClan
Basic Info
Parents Polly and Chuck
Litter-Mate(s) Peddlefoot
Mate(s) None
Children None
Mentor(s) Flamestorm
Apprentice(s) Scorchpaw


Thistletail was born as Thistle in an alley. His mother was an alley cat named Polly and his father was Chuck. His litter-mate was Peddle. They grew to be four moons old and father died. Then when they were fire moon old their mother died. They came across other cats who were going to start warrior clans. The were givent he named Thistlekit and Peddlekit. Coldpelt had two kits named Darkkit and Dustkit a few moons before who wer enwo the same age. They survived to six moons old and started to trian as apprentices.


Thistlepaw got the mentor Flamestorm and Peddlepaw got Coldpelt. They train with Darkpaw and Dustpaw. Thistlepaw fought with a badger to protect the kits. He got a thorn ear but survived. He soon became a warrior.


Thistletail and Peddlefoot kept watch over the clan and were warriors now. They helped form BlazeClan. When Blazestar's kits were old enough to be apprentices, Thistletail got Scorchpaw as his first apprentice. Thistletail is still in BlazeClan.