Founders Thornstar
Current Stats
Current Leader Thornstar
Current Deputy Darkclaw
Current Medicine Cat Stormpelt
Apprentice(s) 3

ThornClan was made by Rosalina13.


The Leader is Thornstar


The Deputy is Darkclaw

Medicine CatEdit

The Medicine Cat is Stormpelt

ThornClan MembersEdit

Leader: Thornstar - Dark-Gray She-Cat Apprentice Silverpaw

Deputy: Darkclaw - Dark Black Tom

Medicine Cat: Stormpelt - Gray She-Cat Apprentice Shiverfur

Warrior (Toms and she-cats without kits)

Bluefur - Dark-Gray She-Cat (as seen in the warriors books)

Snowfur - White She-Cat (as seen in bluestar's porphecy) Apprentice Rosepaw

Apprentice (More than six moons old training to become warrior)

Silverpaw -Silver-Gray She-Cat (as seen in fire and ice) Mentor Thornstar

Shiverfur - Gray She-Cat Mentor Stormpelt

Rosepaw - Pale Cream She-Cat Mentor Snowfur

Queens (She-cat expecting or nursing kits)


Elders (Former Warriors and Queens now retired)


Kits (Less then six moons)



ThornClan's main rivals are SnowClan


ThornClan lives in the Forest

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