Clan(s) BloodClan (former)
Gender Female
Basic Info
Mate(s) Venom
Children Silk, Pink, Hail (Panther, Julie, and Lion)
Allies Acorn, Missy, July
Enemies BloodClan
Owner Mythies123
Please do not steal!

Appearance Edit

Thorn is a red-brown spiky she-cat with a black collar with dog teeth. She wears it to intimidate other cats so she can protect Acorn, Missy, and July from hostile cats.


Thorn was born a kittypet. However, the adventurous life of a loner suited her, so she ran away. She got mixed up with bad cats, and eventually joined BloodClan.  

Almost right away, Thorn found that she had feelings for Scrouge. His intelligence, strength, and cunning got the best of her, making her turn a blind eye to his deeds. She became increasingly more frustrated when he rejected and ignored her, finally taking another mate, Venom, who she had little love for. She birthed three kits, whom she named Silk, Pink, and Gale. Her heart was broken when Venom betrayed her and took Silk, Pink, and Gale away to become BloodClan cats at only a few moons. Thorn watched from the edges as her kits were renamed Panther, Jules, and Lion and trained under Scrouge's eyes. When Lion was killed for betraying BloodClan, Thorn saw the true nature of Scrouge. She left BloodClan and went to live by herself. Almost six moons after leaving, she felt... different. She was weak and sick, and couldn't find enough food.

Thorn collasped near a Twoleg den, where she was found by a Twoleg. She was taken into their house, where she was unconscious for almost a week. The vet cured her of her illness, but she was too weak to leave, so she stayed with the Twolegs. There she met a charming tom, a stripey reddish tabby, very familiar but she couldn't figure out where she saw him before. She found out she was expecting kits a few moons later. She named the four Acorn, Missy, July, and Jay. When the kits where old enough to travel, Thorn found that Jay formed a strong bond with the housefolk, and didn't want to.