Thrushstar HawkClan
Clan(s) HawkClan
Rank Leader
Basic Info
Parents Hawkstar and Fire
Litter-Mate(s) Sparrowwing and Sorrelleaf
Mate(s) Leopardclaw, Windclaw (Formerly)
Children Newtstar, Duststar, Russetfire, Smokestorm, Mallowflower and Hailwhisker
Mentor(s) Stormtooth
Apprentice(s) Voletail, Webfang and Hickoryheart
Owner Meerkatpaw


Kit life

Thrushkit was born in the newly formed HawkClan. His mother was HawkClan's leader Hawkstar and his father was a rouge named Fire. He never knew his father, though heard many stories about him, along with his siblings, Sparrowkit and Sorrelkit. Thrushkit was the leader of the group of kits and decided who could play in their games. He was best friends with Leopardkit, who was only a bit younger than him. They always played together with Sparrowkit and her sister Briarkit until they reached six moons.

Apprentice life

Thrushkit became Thrushpaw and got Stormtooth, HawkClan's deputy, as his mentor. He started to have more feelings for Leopardpaw and Sparrowpaw had feelings for Briarpaw. Sadly, Briarpaw died being attacked by a fox, despite Sparrowpaw's and Briarpaw's mentor Sunfur's best efforts to save her. Sparrowpaw was heart broken and vowed to never love again. He never got a mate when they became warriors.

Warrior life

After fighting so bravely in battle, Thrushpaw, Sparrowpaw, Sorrelpaw and Leopardpaw all became warriors. Thrushpaw became Thrushheart, Sparrowpaw became Sparowwing, Sorrelpaw became Sorrelleaf and Leopardpaw became Leopardclaw. Before they had their vigil, Sparrowwing said that Briarpaw, who he called Briarberry, will be having her vigil with him. Thrushheart felt extremely sorry for his brother, but instead said nothing and his attentions  turned to Leopardclaw. five moons after being warriors, Thrushheart finally asked her if he could be his mate. She accepted straight away and a stronger bond formed between them. When Thrushheart's mentor Stormtooth and sister Sorrelleaf disappeared, Leopardclaw comforted him. Many moons later, his mother Hawkstar lost her last life after being bitten by a snake. His half sister Rainspirit became the next leader and became Rainstar. It was a little while longer until he got his first apprentice, Volepaw. He later became Voletail, though he disappeared a bit later. A little while later, Leopardclaw gave birth to his kits, Newtkit and Dustkit. When their kits were less than a moon, his life changed.

Deputy life

The old deputy Rabbitclaw died in battle and Rainstar chose him to be the new deputy. Thrushheart was quite shocked by this, but told his half sister that he would be the best deputy she would ever have, even though he was only the second deputy under her reign. He later got his second apprentice Webpaw, although she died in a battle before she could become a warrior. Leopardclaw also died in the battle, leaving him greif stricken. However, his sons Newtpaw and Dustpaw became Newtstep and Dustleap, giving him more relief. His life changed dramaticly when he accidently killed his half sister Rainstar.

Leader life

Thrushheart relunctantly became Thrushstar. He got his nine lives where Leopardclaw let him go and he chose Yellowstripe as his deputy.It wasn't long until he found his new mate Windclaw as well. He became a father again when Windclaw gave birth to Russetkit, Mallowkit, Hailkit and Smokekit. His kits later became apprentices. He then decided to mentor Hickorypaw. His kits then became warriors with the names Russetfire, Smokestorm,  Mallowflower and Hailwhisker. It was a little while until his apprentice Hickorypaw became Hickoryheart. Thrushstar was killed by a badger while trying to save Smokestorm.


  • Thrushstar, along with his littermates had the same last letter of their prefix and the first letter of their suffix. In his case, both of these letters were H, until he became the leader.
  • Thrushstar is a very muscular tom. However, despite his appearance, he is a very sweet cat.
  • Two of Thrushstar's apprentices were no longer part of the clan after two moons of being a warrior for Voletail and Two moons of being an apprentice for Webpaw.
  • Leopardclaw let him go so he could find a new mate, much to his sadness.
  • However, they did become mates again in StarClan.
  • The real reason why Thrushstar named Mallowkit that name was because her yellow pelt actually reminded him of Leopardclaw. However, as he thought Leopardclaw no longer loved him, Thrushstar didn't want to name her Leopardkit.