Thunderkit of Thunderclan was born to Bluefur of ThunderClan and Mudfur of WindClan and only one known sister named three moons Thunderkit was a exelent five moons he was a warrior of ThunderClan.a few moons later he heared from his mom Bluefur that Dreamaura the deputy of ThunderClan was in another clan he got in a fight with Dreamaura and was injurd in the leg.a couple moons later he thought Thunderclan had bad leadership the leaders at the time where Stormstar and Marshstar.he lead a revolt against the leaders and became leader of ThunderClan but then the clan turned on him and he was banned from he started a new clan with his mom Bluefur the clan was called "new ThunderClan" Thunderclap was now Thunderstar leader of new day he went to ThunderClan camp and Stormstar was waiting for him.he got in a fight with Stormstar and won Thunderstar spared his life.then Bluefur was forced to re-join ThunderClan.soon after Bluefur`s leave new ThunderClan fell apart and Thunderstar was left a rouge.but then he found his friends Mosslegs,Greenclaw,Graymoon and his sister Windclaw.he went to ThunderClan camp often then cats of ThunderClan never knew about the revolt only the leaders and the deputy they kept the news of the revolt to themselves for fear of another revolt.

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