Clan(s) DuskClan
Gender Male
Rank Apprentice
Basic Info
Parents Father - Darkclaw

Mother - Willowcloud

Mentor(s) Darkfeather
Previous names Tigerkit
Tigerpaw is a young ginger tom with tiger-like markings and amber eyes. He has course, messy fur and very long whiskers. He is rather large for his age and is often one of the most serious apprentices. He will be one of the three DuskClan main characters in my fanfiction.

History Edit

Kithood Edit

Tigerkit was born as the first litter of Willowcloud and Darkclaw. He was a rather energetic kit and often got under the feet of warriors. As he approached his sixth moon he seemed to grow more serious and thoughtful.

Apprenticeship Edit

Tigerpaw was made the apprentice of Darkfeather. He was a good hunter as well as a good fighter. While being seen as a very serious and ambitious apprentice, he was good at making friends and also spent time playing with kits in the nursery. A few moons into his training Tigerpaw developed a crush on a fellow apprentice Rainpaw, a pretty grey she-cat. The two became firm friends on Rainpaw’s terms and are hardly seen apart.

Warrior Edit

Tigerpaw will go on to be named Tigerfang

Prophecy Edit

Tigerpaw is involved in a StarClan prophecy. The prophecy goes as follows:

"Danger lurks on the forest edge

Hairless creatures, landscaped etched

Six from two will heed our call

Prevent our clans from their fall"

Tigerpaw is one of the three DuskClan cats chosen to help the clans through the first encounter with Twolegs. He was chosen for his sensible nature.

Family Edit

Father: Darkclaw

Mother: Willowcloud

Siblings: Bramblekit, Cherrykit