Toby is small but sleek, black tom with a slender tail and bright amber eyes.

Clan(s) StarClan, Kittypet
Gender Tom
Rank Kittypet
Basic Info
Parents Sweet and Fetcher
Litter-Mate(s) Hollywind
Death Killed by a rogue
Post-Death StarClan
Alive Books Twisted Paths, Call of Fire.
Owner Scorchstar7

Information Edit

Toby, along with Hollywind, are the kits of Sweet and Fetcher. After Holly left to join Thunderclan with Sootclaw, his mother took him to find a new home. He went to live in a small twoleg place outside of Thunderclan territory.

He later returns to Thunderclan territory to try to find Holly, but finds her daughter Scorchpaw. He is very torn about what happened to his sister but invites Scorchpaw to come and meet Sweet. His mother recently came down with a sickness that their twoleg's couldn't cure. She passes away that night after talking to Scorchpaw and Toby. He leads the young apprentice home, where she asks him to come and stay in Thunderclan. Toby refuses, stating that he wasn't the cat for forest living and leaves her behind as her mentor, Featherclaw, appears.

During the battle against Ryoui's Clan, Scorchstar later sees Toby join the battle. He attacks Snake, who is his half-brother, and manages to kill him. Before Scorchstar can help, a large brown tom leaps on Toby and kills him. Scorchstar runs to him and in his final breath he says he would die to help his sister's clan and will be happy to see her again. After this he passes away, and she can almost see a glimmer of brown fur as if it is Hollywind coming to take her brother home.

Names Edit

Kit: Toby

Kittypet: Toby

Starclan Resident: Toby

Trivia Edit

  • Toby joins StarClan, though he wasn't a Clan cat, he always believed in them.
  • Toby killed his own half-brother, Snake.