Chapter One== The dark, yet beautiful night was disturbed. More then disturbed, it was almost killed, like Dustpaw. Fighting Shadowclan, about to be driven out of their camp, and fighting three warriors? Someone's going to die, and Dustpaw hopes it isn't him. "I'm going to put your neck on the top of my nest as a trophy, Windclan kittypet!" says one Shadowclan warrior. "And i'm going to put your lazy, fat butt on mine!" She warrior snarls and spits out, "Why you little-" He cuts short when a sudden yowl comes out from a bush. He sits up and sees a cat charging at him, pounce, then the world is flushed out of his head. The warrior falls down, his lifeless gaze still fixed on the bush. The remaining warriors growls and one launches itself at it's clan mate's murderer. One swipe of it's claws and blood swallowes up his gaze and falls, crushing it's shoulder. The last warrior looks at it's friend fall, then yowl as sudden pain in it;s shoulder sting and surge through it's whole body. The two remaining, and living, warriors drag their dead clan mate and drag themselves and it with them back to their camp. "Windclan only kittypets!" The almost dead apprentice staggers up, gives himself a few licks and looks up to thank his rescurer, unless the cat wants to kill him itself. The cat is lean, but not starvingly lean and has deep scratch marks on it's face. He stares at the face then says, "Um, thanks for saving me. But, who are you?" Even though is wheezing, his saviour rasps, "Mosspaw." Dustpaw stares, stunned, at her. So, this is the cat responsible for killing her mother and threatening her father. She isn't so horribly hideous that everyone claims she is. They stare at each other for a few moments, then look up to hear Tallstar yowl, "Retreat! Windclan reteat!" Mosspaw snarls, "Why? They're the ones who need to be retreating!" Dustpaw puts his tail on her shoulder and she gives him a warning growl. He backs up a bit and they follow the retreating Windclan into the Forest. Even if she is a murderer, I owe her my life then a possible friendship.

Chapter TwoEdit

The mousebrain! Why did I ever help Windclan! Starclan give me the power to not kill them all! Mosspaw thinks. As the cats stop and regroup, Dustpaw shows her to the medicine cat to heal her wounds, but only gives him a growls and padds to an empty space. Dustpaw walks over to Tallstar and yells, "Tallstar! I wish to show you someone!" Tallstar stops sharing tounges with a silky-white tom and replies, "Not now, Dustpaw, I'm busy." "But it's the Thunderclan cat that was banished!" he yells back. Tallstar stares at him, austonished, then jumps down from where he was and walks toward him. "Where is he?" he asks. "Not a he," Mosspaw growls,"She." Tallstar looks at the cat and tilts his head. "You're the one that Thunderclan is worried about? You're just an apprentice! And you're-" Tallstar is about to finish when Mosspaw pins him down. The whole clan is about to attack her, when Tallstar starts to laugh. "What's so funny? You're about to die!" Mosspaw snarls. Dustpaw helps his mentor up and whispers in his ear, "She rescued me from when three Shadowclanners almost destroyed me." Tallstar's jaw drops open and then looks at Mosspaw. "You saved him?" Mosspaw nodds and twitches her tail in annoyence. "Well then! You are welcome to be in Windclan, if you have nowhere else to go that is. And I thank you dearly for saving my apprentice." Dustpaw nodds and Tallstar goes back to calming down the clan. Dustpaw padds over to her and says, "I'm happy that you're here, now. It's the least we can do for you saving me." Mosspaw looks up at him and asks, "Why? Aren't you afraid of the power hold?" Dustpaw stutters and then kneads the dirt in embarresment. Mosspaw sighs and rubs her cheek against his chest. "I guess I have to thank you for giving me a place to sleep, but don't think i'll stay." Dustpaw smiles and nodds and they both make their nests to sleep in. Later on that night, Mosspaw awakes and goes to a neaby fence to think. Dustpaw wakes from his sleep and sees Mosspaw sitting on a fence. He slowly follows her and jumps next to her. "What are you doing up here? Are you ok?" he asks. Mosspaw looks up at Silverpelt and replies, "It's not my fault I killed her. If she did that to me she would've made sure I was dead. I had no choice." He meets her gaze and says, "That's the past, this is now. My mother always said to me when I was a kit, Fear the past, but beware the future." Mosspaw looks at him and rubs her head under his. "Thank you, Dustpaw," she replies. He blushes and jumps down. She makes a small nest for both of them and they sleep untill the morning, Mosspaw's head under his.

Chapter ThreeEdit

The next Morning, Mosspaw wakes up and smells Dustpaw sleeping silently next to her. She smiles and stretches and nudges Dustpaw's side for him to wake up. "Come on, sleepy head, wake up," she says. He slowly opens one eye, rolls over, and goes back to sleep. She padds over to his other side and licks his cheek. His eyes shoot open and purrs, "Thank you for disturbing my wonderful dream." He gets up and stretches and Mosspaw sits down and asks, "What was your dream about?" Dustpaw stops and slowly says, "Um, a cat." She tilts her head and asks, "What did the cat look like?" "Uh, brown and black..." Mosspaw licks her paw and grooms her face, "What was the cat like?" "Do you have to keep asking questions?" He stops when he hears his tone of his voice and sees Mosspaw stop grooming herself. "I'm sor-" He begins to say, when Mosspaw retorts, "I only ask questions whenever I want, if you don't mind." She padds back to camp with Dustpaw in the back chasing after her. She gets a rabbit off the fresh kill pile and eats silently. Dustpaw padds up to her and says, "I'm sorry, I really am, I didn't mean to say it in that kind of tone. You have the right if you're mad at me." She stops eating and purrs, "It's ok, just make sure that I won't claw your tounge out." Dustpaw is about to say something, when Tallstar padds up to them with a light brown tabby tom next to him. "Mosspaw! This is Onewhisker, since you are now in Windclan, I would like him to be your mentor." Dustpaw and Mosspaw looks at each other and she nodds. "Great!" Tallstar says, "Then I would like you, Onewhisker and Dustpaw to go hunting. The pile is small and I want the whole clan refreshed." He padds off to talk to another cat when the three go out and hunt. As they get farther anf farther away from camp, Mosspaw whispers in Dustpaws ear, "Why is he called Onewhisker? He's got like thousands of em!" Dustpaw chuckles and Onewhisker replys without looking back, "Better be glad it's not Hearall." Mosspaw and Dustpaw stop laughing and continue hunting.

Chapter FourEdit

When the three cats get back to camp, Mosspaw has caught a rabbit, Onewhisker a thrush and Dustpaw a two voles. Tallstar trots over to them and says, "Thank Starclan! If I knew there was so much prey here we would have never stayed in our old camp. Mosspaw, I am very happy to see such a great hunter you have become, I can't wait to see your fighting skills. I'm so glad you're in Windclan then in Shadow." Dustpaw puts his prey on the fresh kill pile and padds over to her, "I am, too." She blushes and puts her prey on the fresh kill pile. She goes over to the medicine den and trots in. Onewhisker and Tallstar go and share tounges and Dustpaw still stares at the entrence of the medicine den. "Hello lover boy," says a voice behind him. He jumps and twists around to see a smoky white tom with black ears named Windpaw sitting down and laughing at him. "Don't do that!" He spits. "Well, it is the truth, isn't it?" Dustpaw looks down and stares at his paws. Windpaw shrugs and says, "Well, if you don't like her, it's obvious she likes you." He suddenly looks up and asks, "She does? I mean, she does?" He corrects himself, he straightens himself up when he relizes that he's tilting. Windpaw nodds and Dustpaw says, "Well, it's obvious that Swiftpaw likes you, you should see her when you come back from hunting." Windpaw stands up straighter and puffs out his chest, "Who doesn't love me?" Dustpaw laughs and cuffs his ear, "Yeah, who doesn't!" They both laugh and then Dustpaw turns around to see Mosspaw padd out of the medicine den with her jaws filled with moss and go to the nursery. Windpaw gets up and says, "I guess I should take my leave now." He padds off, but before he does, he turns his head around, "I can also see that you like her, too." Dustpaw is about to retort when Windpaw padds to the apprentice den and sleeps. Dustpaw looks at Mosspaw fix the nursery nests and sees her meet his gaze, her eyes now not clouded, but a ivory green color. He smiles and goes to the apprentice den and rests.

Chapter FiveEdit

It was very nice for that cat to clean my blindness for me, Mosspaw thinks, but how could Yellowfang wasn't able to do so? Her thoughts are inturupted when Dustpaw walks up to her and gets some moss. "Need any help?" She looks at him for a moment. I never knew he could be so handsome, I hope he thinks the same with me. "Uh, yeah, thanks." He nodds and cleans out the nests with her. When they're just about done, he asks, "You ever thought of having kits?" She stops, looks up at him and tilts her head. "Why?" "No reason." He's just like Blackpaw! Is at always my looks that they love about me? "Oh," is all she can say. She puts the old moss and sets it around the fresh kill pile, using it as small 'plates' to eat on. "So," Dustpaw says when he padds up to her, "When do you think we will get our warrior names?" She doesn't look up, "Soon." He nodds and sits down next to her. When she is done she goes over to her nest and sleeps, feeling his body rest next to hers and purrs.

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey, gather here for a clan meeting!" Tallstar yowls. Mosspaw wakes from her dream, stretches, and padds over to the crowd of cats. She sees Dustpaw and sits next to him. Tallstar straitens up and yells, "We are happy to see a new cat in our presence." Everyone looks at Mosspaw and gives her nodds of approval. "And I am happy to say that we have three apprentices that are ready to become warriors." Finally! Just then, a big monster passes the cats camp and causes a rumble that shakes the whole camp. The cats hide and crowd each other, Dustpaw covers Mosspaw while the others cower in balls. When the shaking stops and the monster passes, Tallstar straightens up and yowls, "Is everyone ok?" Everyone slowly but surely get up and brush themselves off. Dustpaw stands up and helps Mosspaw up. Wth concern in his eyes he asks, "You ok? Any fur or limbs missing?" Mosspaw licks his neck fur down and replies, "I'm fine. And so are my limbs, thank you very much." They share a smile and Tallstar says, "Now, along with the ceremony. Windpaw, Dustpaw and Mosspaw, come here please." The three cats walk toward Tallstar and sit down. Tallstar walks up to Windpaw, Dustpaw and Mosspaw saying the same thing, "Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your clan even at the cost of your life?" With the same answer, "Yes." "Then I announce you with your names." Windpaw is now Windclaw, Dustpaw is now Dustflame and Mosspaw is now Mosslegs. Dustflame cheers the loudest when she gets her name, but she is furious. She storms to the warrior den and sits in her nest. Dustflame padds up to her and asks, "What's wrong?" She looks up at him and replies, "Why do I get a name like Mosslegs? Why can't I have a name like yours." He licks her head and replies, "I like it, it fits you. Least you don't have moss on your legs." He chuckles but Mosslegs growls and rolls over and goes to sleep. He blinks and goes to his nest to sleep.

Chapter SixEdit

Mosslegs is having a great dream when she feels someone prodding her in her side. "Wake up, sleepy cat, you're missing a lot," she hears. She blinks and sees Dustflame looking down at her. She stretches up, yawns, and grooms her face. "What was so good to wake me up from my sleep?" she says through licks. "Onewhisker, Tallstar, and I came back from hunting and got some more prey." She looks up and sees him staring at her. "What?" "Nothing, it's just..." he trails off. "It's just...?" she repeats. "You're eyes, I didn't know you had green eyes. I thought you just had grey." "And?" He shrugs and just says, "I like it that way." She neads the ground and padds over to the fresh kill pile and gets a vole. She eats when Dustflame comes and asks, " Do you want to go on a walk with me later on today? Escape the clan for a bit?" She finishes eating and nodds. "Great." He padds off and talks to a torteshell cat with black paws. Later on, when the clan is asleep, the two cats look around the camp, slowly padd out of there, and hop onto the edge of the Thunderpath. Mosslegs shivvers and Dustflame looks side to side, then walks onto the all black and smelly path. He goes to the other end of it and looks over at Mosslegs, still on the other end of the path. "Come on! There is nothing to be afraid of." She slowly looks side to side and quickly runs toward him. "That's right! Almost th-" He cuts off when he sees a big monster with yellow eyes coming straight for Mosslegs. "Mosslegs run!" he calls. She turns her head, sees the monster, and freezes. "Mosslegs come on!" he calls again. When the monster gets closer, he runs out, grabs her by her scruff, and drags her out of the path and they fall off the other side into a small ditch. When she gets up, gives herself a few licks, then stands up. Dustflame looks over his shoulder and says, "Ok. looks like I should've made sure you were on the other side. You ok?" She rubs her head under his chin and nodds. "Good. Follow me." He goes over to a big oak tree and climbs up. looking over his shoulder to see if she's following him. When they get to the top of it, she looks out and sees the top of Four Oaks. "Look!" she says pointing to the tree, "I can see the whole territory!" She feels Dustflame sit next to her and says, "Mosslegs, I was wondering," She looks at him and tilts her head, "Yes?" "If you loved me." She nuzzles him and replies, "Of course, who else knows me better then my claws?" He smiles and says, "That's great, because, well I sort of like you, too." She gets some broken twigs and makes a nest for them to sleep in together. As Mosslegs closes her eyes, she feels Dustflame next to her and purrs.

Chapter SevenEdit

Mosslegs wakes up and nuzzles closer to Dustflame when she nudges him to wake up. He blinks awake and smiles, "Good Morning." She stretches and nodds. They jump down and walk to the Thunderpath, look side to side, and cross together. "You finally got it right, fuzz ball," Mosslegs says. He smiles and swats his tail in her face, "Race you to camp!" She spits out fur and chases after him. Starclan he's fast, hopefully I'll be able to be as fast as him. She stops, sees a tree, climbs it and leaps from branch to branch. When the camp is in clear view, Dustflame stops, looks behind him, and yowls, "Mosslegs! Where are you?" Suddenly, she pounces from a branch and pins him down. "I win!" she says. He laughs and staggers up, "Well, thank you for that. Now I'm awake." They trot into camp and are greeted by Windclaw at the entrence. "Well, well, well, where have you guys been all night?" he asks. They both share a look and before Dustflame can say anything Mosslegs retorts, "It's none of your business, mousebrain! We can go anywhere we want!" She runs off into the Forest with Dustflame at her heels, leaving a stunned Windclaw. When Dustflame catches up to her he asks, "What happened back there? Did you step on a thorn or something?" She turns around and says, "I don't want him or the clan finding out about our love for each other, or else they'll be expecting me to have kits and I don't want that, not right now at least." Dustflame gives her comforting licks and says, "Don't worry, it's going to be alright as long as I'm here." She smiles at him then turns around and snarls. "What's wrong?" Dustflame asks. A few bushes move and out comes a light colored tabby tom with a grey tom next to him. Mosslegs' fur rises and she hisses, "What are you two doing out here? You're not Windclan! Are you Shadowclan come here to make sure we're all dead?" "No need, Mosspaw," the flame colored tom replies, "We're here to bring Windclan back." Mosspaw blinks, stunned, to see someone call her by her apprentice name. She shakes her head and spits, "It's Mosslegs you mouse brain!" The two cat's share a look and the grey cat says, "You don't remember us. do you? It's me, Greypaw, now stripe, and Firepaw now heart." She looks at each of them and sheathes her claws. Greystripe looks at Dustflame and asks, "What are you two doing out here alone?" They both look at each other and she flicks her tail for them to follow.