Leader Robinstar A large reddish brown she cat with one green and one brown eye.

Deputy Mossface A black cat with a splotch of brown on his face and amber eyes.

Medicine Cat Russetfur A red and brown cat with brown eyes

Medicine Cat Apprentice Larkpaw A tortoishell cat with blue eyes


Moonpelt A light brown she cat with big amber eyes.

Dogpurr A large brown cat with amber eyes, and unusual purr.

Blacktail A jet black she cat with blue eyes

Lizardrasp A skinny brownish gray cat with an unusual meow and green eyes.


Barkpaw A brown cat with blue eyes

Minnowpaw A gray and brown she cat with only one eye

Lionpaw A fluffy ginger cat with green eyes

Leopardpaw A speckled she cat with large green eyes


Hollyfeather A ginger she cat with brown eyes

Snowfur A white she cat with brown eyes

Birdsong A gray she cat with green eyes.


Snakekit - A brown kit with a hissy meow

Gorsekit A brown kit with blue eyes

Pebblekit A black she kit with brown spots.

Quietkit- A shy she kit with white fur


Leafnose An she cat forced to retire early because of a twisted paw.

Crookedclaw The oldest cat in the clan.

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