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Tribe of Roaring Flame
Star, Dog, Ice, Wind, Thunder, and Sand
Star and Kitty
Ice and Wind
Current Leader
Current Deputy
Current Healer
Currently Known Hunters and Guards
Thunder, Sand, Bone, Coal, and Floss
Living Area

Starting the TribeEdit

The Tribe of Roaring Flame was started by Loners, Kittypets, and an exiled Clan Warrior. When Star, the exiled Clan member, was exiled, he was still faithful to being a wild cat and couldn't bring himself to become a rouge or kittypet, so he found some of the rouges and loners that his old Clan had driven away. Some brawling happened, but in the end, a good sized group was assembled and they formed a Tribe. They called themselves the Tribe of Roaring Flame, probably because of the intense dislike they felt against the he Clan that had scarred them all.

Moving to the mountainsEdit

The Tribe of Roaring Flame decided to move to the mountains when a Clan elder found them in the forest. They attacked and wounded him savagely because of the scent he carried, but he carried important information. He told the tribe that his Clan was planning to attack them in the forest to try and kill them off. They were shocked. Many refused, saying they could fight them off. But, the Clan was much larger than the Tribe of Roaring Flame. So, like many other tribes, thay cast stones to make the decision. Many voted to stay and battle the Clan. But the majority chose to move. The elder spoke of an unsettled place in the highest reaches of the mountains. They all agreed to this and were happy with their descision.

Extra MembersEdit

Many kittypets joined The Clan of Roaring Flame when a group of three kittypets made a group called KittyClan. They were a truly wimpy Clan and only known to The Tribe of Roaring Flame. They challenged The Tribe of Roaring Flame to a duel and were defeated savagly. The leader, known by the name of Kitty, ended the duel as Star was about to deliver a deathbite to Floss. He said that he wanted to join the Tribe and were excepted. They were beefed up and fed the food of the wild. They complained and very likely craved their old kittypet homes. In the end, they became great Hunters and Guards. In fact, Kitty became leader after Star.

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